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Roleplay Listing Page 50

Deep breathing. No one seeing.
soul stealer (very m)
Soul (Semi-lit.)
the dark forest
Journey of Truth
sex slave (m)
Saddened and Struck
Darkness is key to my heart (m)
Make me Your slave ( M)
high school (m)
One on one (((Looking for a sexually intense male OR female character)))
Honor or betrayal
zora high (m)
telekenetik (m)
Destructive Chi
Hellsing Mansion... A place for all creatures
Vampire Town
protecting the pearl ooc
Avatar The Last Air bender (any one can join)
North South East West.
Elemental love
diner (m)
Yaoi slaves (very m)
Let my picture fade away (please join)
raise a baby (m) (rape)
One Night (m?)
love ranch
jak 2 (m)
Vampire in the dark (m)
master (m)
teacher (very m)
slave (M)
Japanese Highschool Panic (m)
We're all in this together [open]
Ninja with a gun (m)
night stalker
Brothers At War
Vampire nights (cont M)
Paying For Love((Not a slave or mature rp))((Need Bad boy))
legend of zelda:majoras mask
{Yuri, mature}captured in The Frest {1girl needed}
Devil May Cry: City of Evil
the deep forest
Resident Evil: Am I the only one left?
JUDAS (plz join)_(
Behind Closed Doors (M)
(Yaoi) straight people allowed /vampires and hunters
HEY!!! Arcanum!
Gamble (Intense fantasy action)
The Adventures in Japan
The Marriage (M?)
shape shifter slave
Saddened and Struck OOC
Need For Speed
Buying Love (Yuri. Very mature)
crimson high (m)
Madness Took me (M)
crimson blade (m)
legend of zelda:ocarina of time
Me and Chris (OOC chat)
Minds Of Madness (M)
promote rp
slaves for sale (m)
Creatures of the Night
On My Own?!?!?!((Need Vampire Boy))
Behind The Scenes
Dark Love<<Vampire Romance Rp>>
Winter's moon
City Of Heroes
Draw Together
Not ready to go into the darkness
Organizaton XIII P.t. 1
Meteor Garden
Secret Jail romance
Together in trouble ( NEED A GUY)
The Island gift
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Strange forest
Do not make me your slave!! ( mature )
in the dark
The Island (m?)
Blood Slave (m)
Burgundy Pointe School Of The Arts.

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