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Roleplay Listing Page 56

A Rp For Me And My Cuz
Zephyr Tales
The Kingdom in the forest (needs rpers)
tough love.....((needs evil girl))
prince of zanzubar (m)
rape is not................ (warning, contains rape)
The travel through the River
Vampire love ((Mature for language))
I fell in love with a ghost
Rape is not................Part 2 (warning, contains rape)
forbidin vapiric love (need guys)
Torn in Two
B.C.S (secondary school.)
a young heart in trouble
Life will be life
The Sacrifice
Howling Moon
Herdios full life story
Cover to Cover
The roaming Warrior
Nightmare High (please join!)
For my friend
numkoos life
Life of the Jedi
Nights Kiss
need help help me
flood this rp numkoo comands so if you are friends with numkoo come here
numkoo is quiting rp so come and say your good byes
OOC-Im Leaving
The Tsuke 10
Ye Olde Dorm House
Anything you desire? Mature for sexual content.
Hermit Crab Paradise
the dark army
what all this i hear about shuting this down ???
Murderers Guild
a gun slingers rage
Rockin' R Ranch
a dark truth the beginning
Behind the Sea
Just another Boy and Girl.
A terrible secret (needs roleplayers)
Cirque du Damned
Waited Long Enough
The flame <needs roleplayers>
Wolves (other race accepted)
Blood Beneath The Sand
Battle academy
if you pick me, then baby i'll pick you
The American Mall(Based on Movie)
When blood comes to life, its a vampire.
Love From A Fox Demon
Wolf Pack
Saved (Please join!)
Dragon Roamers
vampire romeo and juliet <need people>
Dragon Lord(my friends book)
Twin Edged Sword
Wonderful Agony
Given Away
Throw love away
Never Wanted Till Now [Yaoi]
The Pack
Wolf Life
A nekos courage (needs roleplayers-any races)
what a nice world
There's This Guy..((NEED R'PERS!!))
robin hood
The plastic Rose
Gaurdian School
A Dark World
Robinhood occ
School In Session
MissionVille High
A vampires nightmare (needs roleplayers)
bogg's bungalo! xD
Lovely Night ((start over))
The blood in my vains
Boys Only (Yaoi) (Not Cyber)

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