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Roleplay Listing Page 66

Lets make the perfect rp
City Lights
Nightmare Boarding School?
A long year <<needs roleplayers>>
Ninja School of Arts needs roleplayers
I want you
if were f*ked your to blame
time and change
emo kid
Fallen Angel
Warped away
The Lake
everlast(plz ppl join>_<)
Careless Ways
A prince from England has arrived and is going to Angel high to find a princess.
Strange Occurances .NEED PEOPLE.
Training Grounds
School at St.Johns
Inocent Fire.
Dragon Wings [need 5 more]
boys and girls
Romance High school
Hunters (remake)
Can the hurt and betrayed find love?
Love? or lust?
Ruhiko need romance but will he find he find the right girl because he is very rich?
Creating Your Own Happily Ever After
A Human
Standing On This Guitar
Mistakes (( Restarted! ))
School trip V3 new chacters
One vampire and all humans
Do you believe in magik (OPEN PLEASE JOIN!)
A Vampire
lost in darkness
Winter Ball
Final fantasy ooc
The Band
Abnormal Boarding School (Needs one more boy!)
Just Another Boy And Girl
Home of the Gods -People needed-
If you love someone...
Unveiled Secret
.: For Black_rose1718 :.
To love is to live (mature romance)
Meet The Flashpoints.
Angels kingdom (Still need angels)
Midnight Green
another OOC
Gods among Men
Temple of Broken Dreams
Through the looking glass...
yuna and cloud only
A cheetos bag
I was never yours ( restarted akatsuki rp)
Prep School
Reality Sucks...
Boarding School
Love, lust ,romance, drama,friends,family,life
Vampire Secrets -anyone can join needs males and females
Top of the tower
hell high
The Tricksters Game -One person needed-
Soul Eaters
life of a small town((ANYONE CAN JOIN! first rp so please cut me some slack!))
dreamer (one on one )(found)
Dragon's blade
Fate, Where Are You? On My Side? Or His....
A glitch in the system
The Tempist
Band Rp: The Wallflowers
One on One?
Brisinger OOC
Is it more than love is it lust?
Hiding in the Shadows
Romeo ex
Servival class.
PreTear X-treme
Change of Mind (need guy)
Doesnt Know
Wood Nymph
Just before sunset. "needs people"
Another Version of the Truth

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