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Roleplay Listing Page 67

Divided (wolf rp)
TF2-The lounge
Never cross roads with an angry Vampire--needs people-- guys and girls =D
Breaking Down
Its just a game isnt it?
The West
If You're Not The One
House on Haunted Hill(Anyone can join)
Life as a vampire.
Wolf Shadow
Gangland (another male would be great.)
Growing up Creepie
Devils girl on Earth
Wwe and TNA Wrestling
Drama School
gone with the mist
Tough Luck!
the forgotten school
Socially inept boy
A unforgiven curse
Socially inept boy (remade)
Looking for One on One. (found)
Twin rp
Things heat up in the organization
angel of night
War between friends..or enemies
casmiel_csx and I (Only^^)
oh so obviouse...
Closer To The Edge
Dating my...Sister?!
In Fresh Water
Confused Love
what do do when you like guys but girls to
Quad-1 more person needed-
Where is it..?
Saint elm academy.needs RPs
Richinson High -needs RPers-
Knife Blood Knighmare (Needs People!)
go play 6
Arcadian Twilight
Not Who She Thought She Was
Not another love story -needs people-
A world of dreams
Mistakes-Preps and Populars
A ruined world
Love in Paris
Cirque Lauve Hmm...
((FLIP!)) Wtf you baka!!! part 2
The high school life
Running Away (Need a guy)
A F*cked Up Fairy Tale
Shattered like a dream--PLEASE JOIN
Natural Desires...
Power High
More Than Once?
Gesshoku High
Lonely Man Inn *-need guys-*
Only Girl
College Years <<needs RPers>>
The war within wars (people please join)
Singing love (vampire rp) -Needs ppl-
Aversive Torque (Transformers RP)
Friends or more
A bar in the middle of a city
Elemental war (*~People needed~*)
College(needs girls and guys)
Rise Above The Rest (Private)
Return of Dusk
Eitoku Academy(Need the F4 and people)
Autumnal Festival
Twilight *squeals*
Sports High School
The Ruins Of Elvenwood Village
Twilight (by the book but changed a bit) (need people)
for beginers learn the ropes
Blood soaked moon --any1 can join--
They just keep coming.
forest of vengence
The Great Outdoors
One on One?
dark castle

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