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Roleplay Listing Page 72

World's End (Any species)
Dead But Isn't
Dark, Boarding School for mythical creatures (need rpers!!!!)
Secret arts of love (*NEEDS REPERS*)
Cruel Black Rose
Once in a Blue Moon. --needs captain--
Mean Girls
Return Of The Elementals(remade)
FLIP! what the fuck happened?!
Lovers world (*NEEDS PEOPLE*)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Life's GRIM
Prince Sorn I have a question
Forbidden Love - need 6 year old girl!
Is This So Wrong?
House of Demons....[M] .dont ask just join.
A Spot of Radiance
Tenken art's acadamy
Third Space War
Solomon Rose
A Spot of Radiance (remade)
Occ only...
Love, loss and hate
The Love of Angels
For Treasure and Glory
The End of School
After college road trip to the tropical beach!
Vampire love (one on one)-found-
War Of The Village
one-one (need boy!!)
Across Rokoe Village...
A thing like this happened
Wicked Lovely
Love, hate and loss
Beautiful flower girl
[X] Vampire Role-play [X]
Two Sisters
blood thirsty
Vampire/Demon Role-Play
School of Fine Arts
Mount Bellum
Tekken,The Iron Fist Tournament
A big adventure(need more ppl)
the war of the three princes.((restarted))
one -on- one vampire love story
crimson night
Pumpkin Patch Punks
Blue Moon Rising
The Matrix Eternity
betrayed revenge
Never Give Up!
The dark and cold world......
Oh my
The City Of The Dead (Town) - Need ROLEPLAYERS
Top chick
rule of the anglecon
How Forgetful We Are.
their day is our night
vampire lust human love
naruto: ninja go to school
Vampire lovers ???
"together at last ?"-one on one-*NEED BOY*
What am i to do??!! ((Needs-counsile members and mercenaries))
Bloody Kidnapper
Boys will be Boys, and so will some Men (Yaoi)
Against The Rules ~One on one~ FOUND
It started with the new guy (HighSchool RP) -Needs ppl-
(One on One found) a new race
Just another high school story -needs people-
human love vampire lust
single mother
Different World(NEED-anyone :D ))
Vampires vs. huamans
worndering spirit(one on one)
The Vampire House. [[Romance included]]
Only Hope
Dance of The Dead
Lone Warrior
School for the Damned
High School for Misfits
Kingdom... Pie? Pancake... Waffles? Breakfast!
{Devil May Cry : Nero,s Game}
Fight me
Somewhere in Between
Your Wish Is My Command..(join pwease)
Final days

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