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Roleplay Listing Page 79

Yaoi-Days lost from love
Royal family invaded by Demon family
Stick Together -Need people!-
whispers of the woods
The togetherness of the soul.
ruined city
Naruto Based RP, Join if You would like.
Soft Melody -New-
The day the sun died {need ppl please join}
-Anything can happen- [new] for anyone.
Who's there?
I love you..?
Universita di Elementi Vario
10000 year old war [M for Language]
A Passion
Final Fantasy Based RP
Email Me!!
No 1 respects Royalty anymore, Demon RP (PLZ JOIN)
Fallout 2293
Twilight OOC
Hated ones
Modern Day Snow White
Therefore it doesn
The Melody's Curse
till death do us part
Anyone need a Character? or just an extra person?
The Angels' Crucible
Rejected ~Vampires and Humans~
Will Father Approve?
The Village By the Waterfall.
Should I? (one-on-one)
Non Mortuus Academy {3 ppl needed}{new}
The New Girl
End War. [Open - Join]
Nature's Last Blood.
assanion agentcy
Yaoi Slaves
Final Fantasy ( Need Customers )
fangs,wings,and elfs
Summer Camp
Forbidden Love
Dream State
Where am I?
The Bar Code Tattoo
Spreading my wings(Please join)
Outcast woods...
Persephones Story--Into the Underworld
How it ends. . .
Mugen Academy Vampire School {Year 2}{please join ^^}
A witches romance.... -One on one role play-
Land of the bored
Dreams on Broken Wings
NEW Super Human
Nights Of War ((yaoi))
long time no see
Mall Disaster!!
What type of roleplay should I make??
Port-Hole (Need ppl...JOIN!!)
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the future
Star Wars: Rage of the clones
Lost Neko
Stranded With Strangers (needs people)
Twilight Forever!! ((needs people))
Rescue Ranch
Vampire city of Calia ( Join please...)
Mugen High (vampire school) {yr. 1}{plz join}
The Brothel on 2nd Avenue [ Up to M Rated, MATURE, male needed]
project 727 planet arigonia
Finding Love ALMOST ANYONE CAN JOIN!!!<-------JK
naruto akatsuki
The Land of Lightning
Twilight roleplay. [Betcha didn't see that one coming.]
Kiss and control- Anyone can join.
Black Moon (original)
...Feed me violins....
Band Roleplay[Big surprize]
Family RP
Death Note RP
Starla's Found Love

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