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Roleplay Listing Page 80

OOC Chat (Amanda, Mika)
When the moon came to earth ((restarded cuz ooc is poopyheaded))
Loving Hate
Society of Hunters
Yaoi Rp anyone. ((JOIN PLEASE!!! :( ))
Twilight Roleplay [Join please!!]
The Price of Fire (Yaoi) (one on one)
PreTear Extreme {Ceria Fighting Academy}
Will she find love?<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>
Getting away (Needs RPers!!)
The All boys acadamy.
Raindrops on my Heart
Five vs the world of darkness ((Restart!!)) ANY CAN JOIN!!!!!
Fountain Gates High
A myth
Warriors (Please join.)
words that cut me deep
Trapped (Need Vampires Please!)
Imaginary Naruto Roleplay.
Gateway of Crystals
One - One (Guy found...)
A Lovely Death(open)
Sing for Absolution
Sing for Absolution [[Need Vampires!]]
Percy Jackson and the Olypians
The Angels' Crucible(restart)
OnexOne {(Closed)}
The Five Dragons(Anime/Need ppl)
He Is Going Down(need ppl)
The Beginning
Love Through Times
No Mercy for the damned
Attack of the evil bananas 2 -
Nana(Band RP/Need ppl)
The Gracefull Assassin: A Bloody Love{one on one}
kisses... hate... and lost off killing!!
Adventures in Magical Unicorn Land
To Love And To Lose
6 friends, 6 years, one cottage
Guys and Girls
Guys and Girls
MaGiC iN tHe AiR!!
Ecspae (((People needed))
Open Your Eyes (Plz Join!!!)
Twilight Roleplay *Surprize ain't it?*
The Lonely One
Heaven and Earth; Stems and Branches
Here to Serve you [R for Romance]
Trapped: The Forgotten
Bullworth Academy Roleplay
High School Drama
Backed Into A Corner
Your Everyday Vampire (join by asking Kate)
The Body Switch
étonnant school for the gifted
Αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης για
Vampire Friend
Warrior Cat Rp
Monster Hunters
Love Doesn(staring over!)
Elemental Wolves
vampire((need vamp boy ))
but i'm not one of you(JOIN I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE!)
August Had To End (onexone)
Another High School Strory <Join?>
((((so bored someone rp with me))))
Woods academy.
Vampire Friend
A bloody kiss{plz join}
Star Ocean {until the end of time} (plz join)
Third District
Battle for the Sky,Land,and Sea.
Persuit Frose (People join plz)
Snow (open)
The Mist
One on one (taken)
There is no Date
Living Alone

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