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Roleplay Listing Page 82

Hells Gates
Packs stick together right?
twilight rp {High School RP w/ vampires around}
Gangs of New York (new;open)
The angels of Elements ((new and need people please))
Love or Family
Totally high school <<new! needs rpers>>
Once Again In Wonderland
the moons dim light ((one on one boy needed))
Pokemon Quest: Mew
Virus in Tokyo
I am yours.
When an Angel falls (one on one) (girl needed)
Maid Cafe
Galaxy RP
Blood and tears
A dark love that is forbidden.
NightmareWolves (people needed please join)
Shock -Restarted-Need RPers-
Mythia Institute: Spirit Partner RP
Sweet Revenge
I will be there for you....((PLEASE JOIN!!))
We all fall down
Finding, falling, failing
Tokyo's cold ground
shadow dancer ((one on one rp need boy))
Love is a sudden thing, no?((One on one)) Girl needed!!
I see the fire in your eyes....{need people...Please join...)
Tokyo Drift {underground racing} {read everthing} {NEW!! PLZ JOIN!!}
Spiraling downward.(Need People!)
highschool rp
In love with the sensei
Demons unlocked..
Magical Acadamy
Training in the art of love
Kingdomhearts II
When an Angel falls (one on one) (girl needed)
The Humans, The Vampires, & The Mansion
Glacéos Isle (need people plx?)
Subject 0198
family, why are there more? -need more rpers-
Lost Prophets School
last wish ((new please join))
Trapped in school
Two people - Many plots ((One X One )) *Girl needed!
Scarred Emotions
Be mine, and only mine.
Soul Eater
Fate (please join)
La Dispute ( needs people )
Your Vampire Clan
Dawn Has Come [[remade]]
Realistic Fantasy
My First RP here. Yugioh
The Hole (one on one) (girl needed)
leave them be
Vampire Forces[[my first rp]]
Demon Girls
Gaintess trap
Pokemon: Final Quest
Blood of many, tears of none (In need of characters)
twilight (please join)
A strange new setting -needs rpers-
<Is this forever?> ((Please join no matter how many posts..please?)
Luca High -Needs rpers-
Can you help Me
Twilight -NEED MAINS!!-
Empty Streets of italy
Needing love (one on one love story needs a guy rper)
They Lurk *Needs Pple, creatures of any kind! ;)
Tangled Love Triangle? (Need RPer
Advertisment for your Roleplay.
Foster Home
Bellas sister (a twilight saga)
Boarding school for boys...but im a girl!!!!(Need guys)
great ninja war 3 (naruto rp plzz join)
So the search begins...
Normal high school w/ vampires {KINDA like twilight just w/ out the characters}

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