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(does not have to have all to qualify)

Goes off words and themes that are forceful, controversial, or impact people at face value. It can be shocking like "choke on the abortion", politically opinionated, or grotesquely descriptive(vampire, self mutilation, etc).

-Writer Traits-
(does not need all to qualify)

Depressed Likes writing straight forward

-Common themes-
(does not need all to qualify)

Cutting (cold blade on my skin, crimson drops) Vampire (no character development, rhetoric, or depth, just descriptive shock value blood sucking) Suicide (I can't take it anymore, everyone's against me, it's killing me inside) -Time Spent-
2-10 Minutes -Reason for posting-
Trying to get the most reaction out of people. Looking for pity or sympathies, love, attention or acclaim.

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