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    famous teen poetry
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    Title of PieceType
    A Considerable SpeckPoetry
    An Old MemoryPoetry
    An Easy-Goin' FellerPoetry
    An Easter OdePoetry
    After WhilePoetry
    After a VisitPoetry
    Advice Poetry
    Accountability Poetry
    A Thanksgiving PoemPoetry
    A Summer's NightPoetry
    A Summer PastoralPoetry
    A Summer NightPoetry
    A Starry NightPoetry
    A QuestionPoetry
    A PrayerPoetry
    A PleaPoetry
    A MadrigalPoetry
    A LyricPoetry
    A Love LetterPoetry
    A Florida NightPoetry
    A Drowsy DayPoetry
    A Death SongPoetry
    A Mathematical ProblemPoetry
    A Creed and Not a CreedPoetry
    A Corn-SongPoetry
    A Coquette ConqueredPoetry
    A ConfidencePoetry
    A Christmas FolksongPoetry
    A CareerPoetry
    A Border BalladPoetry
    A Banjo SongPoetry
    An Ante-Bellum SermonPoetry
    A GirlPoetry
    Ancient MusicPoetry
    Alba Poetry
    A PactPoetry
    A VirginalPoetry
    An ImmoralityPoetry
    Argus Poetry
    An Essay on CriticismPoetry
    At Mayfair LodgingsPoetry
    At The Word "Farewell"Poetry
    Apostrophe to an Old Psalm TunePoetry
    At The Wicket-GatePoetry
    Afternoon Service at MellstockPoetry
    Autumn Poetry
    A Song of the SandbagsPoetry
    Altho ' He Has Left MePoetry
    Address To Wm. Tytler, Esq., Of WoodhouseleePoetry
    Address To The WoodlarkPoetry
    Address To The Unco Guid, Or The Rigidly RighteousPoetry
    Address To The Shade Of ThomsonPoetry
    Address To EdinburghPoetry
    Address Spoken by Miss Fontenelle on her Benefit Night, December 4th, 1793Poetry
    Address Of BeelzebubPoetry
    Adam Armour's PrayerPoetry
    A Waukrife MinniePoetry
    A VisionPoetry
    A Tippling BalladPoetry
    A Stanza Added In A Mason LodgePoetry
    A Rose-Bud By My Early WalkPoetry
    A New Psalm For The Chapel Of KilmarnockPoetry
    A Mother's Lament For the Death of Her Son.Poetry
    A Lass Wi' A TocherPoetry
    A Health To Ane I Loe DearPoetry
    A Grace Before DinnerPoetry
    A Grace After DinnerPoetry
    A Fiddler In The NorthPoetry
    A DreamPoetry
    A DedicationPoetry
    A Bottle And FriendPoetry
    A Bard's EpitaphPoetry
    A Lay of St. NicholasPoetry
    A Lay of St. GengulphusPoetry
    Alice Poetry
    After the QuarrelPoetry
    At the TavernPoetry
    A Negro Love SongPoetry
    An Account of The Greatest English PoetsPoetry
    A Quiet SoulPoetry
    Another Song Of A FoolPoetry
    After Long SilencePoetry
    Afternoon in FebruaryPoetry
    Arsenal at Springfield, ThePoetry
    A Gleam of SunshinePoetry
    Autumn Poetry
    An April DayPoetry
    A Winter EdenPoetry
    A Minor BirdPoetry
    A Peck of GoldPoetry
    A Passing GlimpsePoetry
    Acceptance Poetry
    Atmosphere Poetry
    A Hillside ThawPoetry
    A Boundless MomentPoetry
    Aim was Song, ThePoetry
    A Time to TalkPoetry
    A Patch of Old SnowPoetry
    A Hundred CollarsPoetry
    A Servant to ServantsPoetry
    A Line-Storm SongPoetry
    A Dream PangPoetry
    A Prayer in SpringPoetry
    A SoldierPoetry
    Armful , ThePoetry
    An Old Man's Winter NightPoetry
    Acquainted With The NightPoetry
    A Brook In The CityPoetry
    A CharacterPoetry
    Andrew JonesPoetry
    Address To The Scholars Of The Village School Of ----Poetry
    A Poet's EpitaphPoetry
    Animal Tranquillity and DecayPoetry
    A Night-PiecePoetry
    An Evening Walk, Addressed to a Young LadyPoetry
    Against Women UnconstantPoetry
    A Ballad Sent to King RichardPoetry
    A Ballad of GentlenessPoetry
    A ValentinePoetry
    A Sea DirgePoetry
    A Game of FivesPoetry
    And Thou Art Dead, As Young and FairPoetry
    Adieu , Adieu! My Native LandPoetry
    Andrea del SartoPoetry
    America to EnglandPoetry
    Above the BattlePoetry
    A Man's RequirementsPoetry
    And love has changed to kindlinessPoetry
    A Song of Pitcairn's IslandPoetry
    At Castle WoodPoetry
    A Little Budding RosePoetry
    A Love Letter to Her HusbandPoetry
    Art of Poetry, ThePoetry
    Algernon Poetry
    A Congratulatory PoemPoetry
    A WishPoetry
    A SonnetPoetry
    Author to the Reader, ThePoetry
    A Thought of the NilePoetry
    Abou Ben AdhemPoetry
    A Fish AnswersPoetry
    Answer Poetry
    Alone Poetry
    At MidnightPoetry
    At SeaPoetry
    At NightPoetry
    Arcturus Poetry
    A PrayerPoetry
    August MoonrisePoetry
    April Poetry
    Alchemy Poetry
    Ax -helve, ThePoetry
    Alone Looking at the MountainPoetry
    Amidst the Flowers a Jug of WinePoetry
    A VindicationPoetry
    A Mountain RevelryPoetry
    Amoret Poetry
    A Song of the EnglishPoetry
    Alarm ClocksPoetry
    As Winds That Blow Against A StarPoetry
    Apology Poetry
    A Blue ValentinePoetry
    A Cooking EggPoetry
    A TerrePoetry
    Azrael 's CountPoetry
    At His ExecutionPoetry
    Arterial Poetry
    Alexander And ZenobiaPoetry
    A Voice From The DungeonPoetry
    A FragmentPoetry
    An Orphan's LamentPoetry
    Appeal Poetry
    A Word To The 'Elect'Poetry
    A Word To The CalvinistsPoetry
    A HymnPoetry
    A ReminiscencePoetry
    Arbour , ThePoetry
    A Prisoner in a Dungeon DeepPoetry
    A Death - ScenePoetry
    A little while, a little while,Poetry
    Anticipation Poetry
    A Day DreamPoetry
    After SunsetPoetry
    A Day-Dream's ReflectionPoetry
    Autumnal SonnetPoetry
    A SingerPoetry
    Aeolian HarpPoetry
    Adieu to BelshannyPoetry
    Abbey AssaroePoetry
    A SeedPoetry
    A MemoryPoetry
    A GravestonePoetry
    A DreamPoetry
    An EveningPoetry
    Amy Margaret's Five Year OldPoetry
    Autumn Poetry
    Allegory Poetry
    April LovePoetry
    Ad Domnulam SuamPoetry
    A Last WordPoetry
    Address To A HaggisPoetry
    A Golden DayPoetry
    Affection Poetry
    A TragedyPoetry
    Account of a Visit From ST. NicholasPoetry
    Amor ProfanusPoetry
    Audley CourtPoetry
    All Things will DiePoetry
    A Leave-TakingPoetry
    A Ballad of BurdensPoetry
    A PrivatePoetry
    Adlestrop Poetry
    A CreedPoetry
    A Wanderer's SongPoetry
    As through the wild green hills of WyrePoetry
    Along the field as we came byPoetry
    A Psalm of LifePoetry
    A Letter to a Live PoetPoetry
    Abort , Retry, Ignore?Poetry
    A Barefoot BoyPoetry
    An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford, to Hasten him into the CountryPoetry
    And If I Did, What Then?Poetry
    An Elegy on a Lap-dogPoetry
    Another (II)Poetry
    Another Poetry
    A Letter to Her HusbandPoetry
    A Woman's ReasonPoetry
    An Alphabet of Famous GoopsPoetry
    As You Came from the Holy LandPoetry
    An October EveningPoetry
    Avenging Angel, ThePoetry
    A Winter NightPoetry
    Afton WaterPoetry
    Ae Fond Kiss, And Then We SeverPoetry
    Address to the DevilPoetry
    A Dialogue between Old England and NewPoetry
    Author to her Book, ThePoetry
    A Familiar LetterPoetry
    A Farewell to AgassizPoetry
    An InscriptionPoetry
    Ah , Woe Is Me, My Mother DearPoetry
    Apologia Pro Poemate MeoPoetry
    At a Calvary Near the AncrePoetry
    A Thought on Death: November, 1814Poetry
    An Inventory of the Furniture in Dr. Priestley's StudyPoetry
    America the BeautifulPoetry
    An OdePoetry
    Arms and the BoyPoetry
    Anthem for Doomed YouthPoetry
    A Litany in Time of PlaguePoetry
    A Good NightPoetry
    Apollo MusagetesPoetry
    A Letter from ItalyPoetry
    Aunt HelenPoetry
    A HYMN TO LOVEPoetry
    AMBITION Poetry
    A VOW TO VENUSPoetry
    Adam Cast ForthPoetry
    An ElegyPoetry
    An InvocationPoetry
    A White RosePoetry
    Aedh Wishes for the Clothes of HeavenPoetry
    A Pilgrim's WayPoetry
    After Apple PickingPoetry
    Auguries of InnocencePoetry
    After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling ComesPoetry
    Ah , Are You Digging on My Grave?Poetry
    A Red, Red RosePoetry
    Autumn River SongPoetry
    About Tu FuPoetry
    Anactoria Poetry
    A Woman Young And OldPoetry
    A Stick Of IncensePoetry
    Alternative Song For The Severd head In "The King Of The Great Clock Tower"Poetry
    A Thought From PropertiusPoetry
    A Prayer For Old AgePoetry
    A Song From "The Player Queen"Poetry
    A NativityPoetry
    A Model For The LaureatePoetry
    A Faery SongPoetry
    A Drinking SongPoetry
    A Dream Of DeathPoetry
    A Cradle SongPoetry
    A Bronze HeadPoetry
    At The Abbey TheatrePoetry
    At Galway RacesPoetry
    Are You Content?Poetry
    Anashuya And VijayaPoetry
    An Irish Airman Forsees His DeathPoetry
    An Image From A Past LifePoetry
    An AppointmentPoetry
    An Acre Of GrassPoetry
    Among School ChildrenPoetry
    All Things Can Tempt MePoetry
    All Souls' NightPoetry
    At Aleciras -- A Meditaton Upon DeathPoetry
    Against Unworthy PraisePoetry
    Adam 's CursePoetry
    A Woman homer SungPoetry
    A SongPoetry
    A Prayer For My SonPoetry
    A Prayer For My DaughterPoetry
    A Prayer On Going Into My HousePoetry
    A Poet To His BelovedPoetry
    A Memory Of YouthPoetry
    A Meditation In Time Of WarPoetry
    A Man Young And OldPoetry
    A Friend's IllnessPoetry
    A Drunken Man's Praise Of SobrietyPoetry
    A Dialogue Of Self And SoulPoetry
    A Deep-Sworn VowPoetry
    A Crazed GirlPoetry
    A CoatPoetry
    Avising The Bright BeamsPoetry
    And Wilt Thou Leave me Thus?Poetry
    Alas Madam for Stealing of a KissPoetry
    A Wren's NestPoetry
    Anecdote For FathersPoetry
    Apologia Poetry
    At VeronaPoetry
    A VisionPoetry
    Amor IntellectualisPoetry
    Athanasia Poetry
    Ava Maria Plena GratiaPoetry
    Ave ImperatrixPoetry
    Apostroph Poetry
    As At Thy Portals Also DeathPoetry
    A Clear MidnightPoetry
    A Riddle SongPoetry
    A Paumanok PicturePoetry
    As Consequent, Etc.Poetry
    After The Sea-ShipPoetry
    As A Strong Bird On Pinious FreePoetry
    Aboard At A Ship's HelmPoetry
    As I Watche'd The Ploughman PloughingPoetry
    A Noiseless Patient SpiderPoetry
    As If A Phantom Caress'd MePoetry
    assurances Poetry
    Ashes Of SoldiersPoetry
    As The Time Draws NighPoetry
    A Hand-MirrorPoetry
    As I Walk These Broad, Majestic DaysPoetry
    Adieu To A SoliderPoetry
    As I Sat Alone By Blue Ontario's ShoresPoetry
    All Is TruthPoetry
    As Toilsome I Wander'dPoetry
    A Sight In CampPoetry
    A March In The Ranks, Hard-prestPoetry
    An Army Corps On The MarchPoetry
    A Proadway PageantPoetry
    A Boston Ballad, 1854Poetry
    Ah Poverties, Wincings Sulky RetreatsPoetry
    A Farm-PicturePoetry
    As I lay With Head In Your Lap, CameradoPoetry
    American FeuillagePoetry
    A Child's AmazePoetry
    Among The MultitudePoetry
    A Leaf For Hand In HandPoetry
    A GlimpsePoetry
    A Promise To CaliforniaPoetry
    Are You The New Person, Drawn Toward Me?Poetry
    A SongPoetry
    As Adam, Early In The MorningPoetry
    Ages And Ages, Returning At IntervalsPoetry
    A Woman Waits For MePoetry
    As I Ponder'd In SilencePoetry
    An Hymn To The MorningPoetry
    An Hymn To Humanity To S. P. G. Esp;Poetry
    An Hymn To The EveningPoetry
    An Answer To The Rebus, By The Author Of These PoemsPoetry
    A Rebus, By I. B.Poetry
    A Funeral Poem On The Death Of C. E. An Infant Of Twelve MonthsPoetry
    A Farewel To America to Mrs. S. W.Poetry
    Aeneid Poetry
    Amphion Poetry
    A FarewellPoetry
    April SongPoetry
    After PartingPoetry
    After LovePoetry
    A Winter NightPoetry
    A PrayerPoetry
    A November NightPoetry
    A CryPoetry
    A Year's CarolsPoetry
    A Forsaken GardenPoetry
    A DialoguePoetry
    A Clasp Of HandsPoetry
    A Child's LaughterPoetry
    Away With Funeral MusicPoetry
    At Last She ComesPoetry
    As One Who Having Wandered All Night LongPoetry
    As In Their Flight The Birds Of SongPoetry
    Apologetic Postscript Of A Year LaterPoetry
    An English BreezePoetry
    Air Of Diabelli'sPoetry
    After Reading "Antony And Cleopatra"Poetry
    Ad Se IpsumPoetry
    Ad QuintilianumPoetry
    Ad PiscatoremPoetry
    Ad OlumPoetry
    Ad NepotemPoetry
    Ad MartialemPoetry
    Ad Magistrum LudiPoetry
    About The Sheltered Garden GroundPoetry
    A Valentine's SongPoetry
    A Summer Evening Churchyard, Lechlade, GloucestershirePoetry
    Autumn : A DirgePoetry
    A Lover's ComplaintPoetry
    Awed by her splendorPoetry
    And their feet movePoetry
    Although they arePoetry
    Aspecta Medusa ( For A Drawing)Poetry
    Autumn SongPoetry
    A BirthdayPoetry
    A Daughter Of EvePoetry
    A Better ResurrectionPoetry
    At HomePoetry
    Al AaraafPoetry
    Annabel LeePoetry
    Alone Poetry
    An EnigmaPoetry
    A Dream Within A DreamPoetry
    A DreamPoetry
    A ValentinePoetry
    Alone And Drinking Under The MoonPoetry
    Anarchy Poetry
    A Song Of ComfortPoetry
    An Horation Ode Upon Cromwell's Return From IrelandPoetry
    An Epitaph Upon --Poetry
    Ametas And Thestylis Making Hay-RopesPoetry
    Aliter Poetry
    Aliter Poetry
    Aliter Poetry
    Aliter Poetry
    Aliter Poetry
    A Poem Upon The Death Of O.C.Poetry
    A Letter To Doctor Ingelo, then With My Lord Whitlock, Ambassador From The Protector To The Queen Of SwedenPoetry
    A Dialogue Between Thyrsis And DorindaPoetry
    A Dialogue Between The Soul And BodyPoetry
    A Dialogue, Between the Resolved Soul, And Created PleasurePoetry
    Autumn SongPoetry
    Across The Red SkyPoetry
    A New HymnPoetry
    A Little Girl's PrayerPoetry
    A Little Boy's DreamPoetry
    A Joyful Song Of FivePoetry
    A Fine DayPoetry
    A Few Rules for BeginnersPoetry
    A Day in BedPoetry
    An Anniversary On The Hymeneals Of My Noble kinsman, Tho. Stanley, Esquire.Poetry
    Advice To My Best Brother, Coll: Francis Lovelace.Poetry
    Another Poetry
    A Mock Charon. DialoguePoetry
    A Dialogue. Lute And VoicePoetry
    A Fly About A Glasse Of Burnt Claret.Poetry
    A Fly Caught In A CobwebPoetry
    A Mock SongPoetry
    A Loose SarabandPoetry
    A Losse SarabandPoetry
    Another Poetry
    A Black Patch On Lucasta's FacePoetry
    An Elegie. Princesse Katherine Borne, Christened, Buried, In One DayPoetry
    A Dialogue Betwixt Cordanus And Amoret, On A Lost HeartPoetry
    A La Bourbon. Done Moy Plus De Pitie Ou Plus De Creaulte, Car Sans Ci Ie Ne Puis Pas Viure, Ne Morir.Poetry
    A Guiltlesse Lady Imprisoned: After Penanced. SongPoetry
    Against The Love Of Great Ones.Poetry
    A Prologue To The Scholars. A Comaedy Presented At The White FryersPoetry
    A Lady With A Falcon On Her Fist. To The Honourable My Cousin A[nne] L[ovelace]Poetry
    An Elegie. On The Death Of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton, Only Sister To Mr. C. Cotton.Poetry
    A Forsaken Lady To Her False Servant That Is Disdained By His New MistrissPoetry
    Amyntor 's Grove, His Chloris, Arigo, And Gratiana. An ElogiePoetry
    A ParadoxPoetry
    Amarantha . A PastorallPoetry
    Amyntor From Beyond The Sea To Alexis. A DialoguePoetry
    A Apostacy Of One, And But One LadyPoetry
    Ad Sylonem. Ep. 104.Poetry
    Ad Quintium. Cat. Ep. 83Poetry
    Ad Lesbiam, Cat. Ep. 73Poetry
    Ad Fabullium. Catul. Lib. I. Ep. 13.Poetry
    Avieni V. C. Ad AmicosPoetry
    Ausonius EpigPoetry
    Auson [ius]Poetry
    Ausonius Poetry
    A La ChabotPoetry
    Ausonius Lib. I. Epig.Poetry
    Ausonius Lib. Epig.Poetry
    Ausonius Lib. Epig.Poetry
    Ad Juvencium. Cat. Ep. 49.Poetry
    Ad M. T. Ciceronem. Catul Ep. 50.Poetry
    Arrow and the Song, ThePoetry
    Autumn WithinPoetry
    Australian Bards And Bush ReviewersPoetry
    After AllPoetry
    A Prouder Man Than YouPoetry
    Andy 's Gone With CattlePoetry
    At First. To Charlotte Cushman.Poetry
    An Frau Nannette Falk-Auerbach.Poetry
    An Evening Song.Poetry
    Acknowledgment .Poetry
    A Sunrise Song.Poetry
    A Song Of The Future.Poetry
    A Song Of Eternity In TimePoetry
    A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.Poetry
    A Florida Sunday.Poetry
    A Florida Ghost.Poetry
    A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman.Poetry
    A Birthday Song. To S. G.Poetry
    A Ballad Of The Trees And The MasterPoetry
    As the Bell ClinksPoetry
    Army HeadquartersPoetry
    Arithmetic on the FrontierPoetry
    Anchor SongPoetry
    An Imperial RescriptPoetry
    An Astrologer's SongPoetry
    An AmericanPoetry
    A Song Of The EnglishPoetry
    A Ballad of Jakko HillPoetry
    A Ballad of BurialPoetry
    As Kingfishers Catch FirePoetry
    A Thanksgiving To God, For His HousePoetry
    Another Grace For A ChildPoetry
    An Ode For Ben JonsonPoetry
    Additions Poetry
    At An InnPoetry
    A Meeting With DespairPoetry
    A Sign-SeekerPoetry
    A Confession To A Friend in TroublePoetry
    At A BridalPoetry
    Amabel Poetry
    Alone , Looking for Blossoms Along the RiverPoetry
    A Song For St. Cecilia's Day, 1687Poetry
    A Song From The ItalianPoetry
    Absalom And Achitophel A PoemPoetry
    American Flag, ThePoetry
    Apparition , ThePoetry
    A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy's Day, Being The Shortest DayPoetry
    A Valediction Of WeepingPoetry
    A Hymn To God The FatherPoetry
    An Anatomy Of The World...Poetry
    Aire And AnglesPoetry
    A Valediction: Forbidding MourningPoetry
    A Lecture Upon The ShadowPoetry
    An everywhere of silver,Poetry
    Ample make this bed.Poetry
    After a hundred yearsPoetry
    A thought went up my mind to-dayPoetry
    A shady friend for torrid daysPoetry
    A narrow fellow in the grassPoetry
    A long, long sleep, a famous sleepPoetry
    A little road not made manPoetry
    A light exists in springPoetry
    A drop fell on the apple treePoetry
    A door just opened on a streetPoetry
    A Clock Stopped -- Not The Mantel'sPoetry
    A Bird Came DownPoetry
    A Tombless EpitaphPoetry
    A Soliloquy Of The Full Moon, She Being In A Mad PassionPoetry
    Aplolgia Pro Vita SuaPoetry
    Aeolian Harp, ThePoetry
    About The NightingalePoetry
    Anelida and ArcitePoetry
    An ABCPoetry
    A Balade of ComplaintPoetry
    And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?Poetry
    Auld Farmer's New-Year-Morning Salutation to His Auld Mare, Maggie On giving her the accustomed ripp of corn to hansel in the New-Year, ThePoetry
    Auld Lang SynePoetry
    Anna Poetry
    Again Rejoicing Nature SeesPoetry
    Address To The ToothachePoetry
    A Poets's Welcome to His Love-Begotten DaughterPoetry
    A Man's a Man for A' ThatPoetry
    Aix In ProvencePoetry
    Any Wife To Any HusbandPoetry
    Another Way Of LovePoetry
    After Poetry
    A Woman's Last WordPoetry
    A Toccata Of Galuppi'sPoetry
    A Serenade At The VillaPoetry
    A Pretty WomanPoetry
    A Lovers' QuarrelPoetry
    A Light WomanPoetry
    A Grammarian's FuneralPoetry
    Autumn , ThePoetry
    An ApprehensionPoetry
    Adequacy Poetry
    A Sea-Side WalkPoetry
    A Musical InstrumentPoetry
    A Dead RosePoetry
    A Curse For A NationPoetry
    A Child AsleepPoetry
    A Thought For A Lonely Death-BedPoetry
    A Memory (From A Sonnet- Sequence)Poetry
    A Channel PassagePoetry
    Ante AramPoetry
    Apostasy Poetry
    A Poison TreePoetry
    Angel , ThePoetry
    Ah SunflowerPoetry
    A SongPoetry
    A Little Girl LostPoetry
    A Little Boy LostPoetry
    A DreamPoetry
    A Divine ImagePoetry
    A Thousand Martyrs I Have MadePoetry
    Absent-Mindedness in a Parish ChoirProse
    Alicia's DiaryProse
    Andrey Satchel and the Parson and ClerkProse
    Anna, Lady BaxbyProse
    A Changed ManProse
    A Committee-Man of 'The Terror'Prose
    A Few Crusted Characters: IntroductionProse
    An Imaginative WomanProse
    A Mere InterludeProse
    A Tradition of Eighteen Hundred and Four Prose
    A Tragedy of Two AmbitionsProse
    A Tryst At An Ancient EarthworkProse
    A Descent Into The MaelstromProse
    A PredicamentProse
    A Tale Of The Ragged MountainsProse
    A Modest ProposalProse
    Age In ProspectPoetry
    An ArchitectPoetry
    A Man Said To The UniversePoetry
    A Plain Song For ComadrePoetry
    A Large NumberPoetry
    A Ballad Of SuicidePoetry
    An Hymn To The EveningPoetry
    An Hymn To Humanity (To S.P.G. Esp)Poetry
    An Answer To The Rebus, By The Author Of These PoemsPoetry
    A Prayer To Go To Paradise With The DonkeysPoetry
    April Is The Saddest MonthPoetry
    Approach Of WinterPoetry
    A GoodnightPoetry
    A CelebrationPoetry
    A Rabbit As King Of The GhostsPoetry
    A Real MotorcyclePoetry
    A Pity, We Were Such A Good InventionPoetry
    All The Things You Are Not YetPoetry
    A GravePoetry
    A Work Of ArtificePoetry
    A Postcard From The VolcanoPoetry
    An Eastern BalladPoetry
    A Western BalladPoetry
    A DesolationPoetry
    Aurora is the effortPoetry
    At Half past Three, a single BirdPoetry
    Ashes denote that Fire was-Poetry
    As willing lid o'er weary eyePoetry
    As we pass Houses musing slowPoetry
    As Summer into Autumn slipsPoetry
    As subtle as tomorrowPoetry
    As old as Woe-Poetry
    As imperceptibly as GriefPoetry
    As from the earth the light BalloonPoetry
    Art thou the thing I wanted?Poetry
    Arrows enamored of his Heart-Poetry
    Are Friends Delight or Pain?Poetry
    Apparently with no surprisePoetry
    An honest TearPoetry
    An Antiquated TreePoetry
    An antiquated GracePoetry
    Alone and in a CircumstancePoetry
    All things swept sole awayPoetry
    All that I doPoetry
    All men for Honor hardest workPoetry
    Air has no Residence, no NeighborPoetry
    After the Sun comes outPoetry
    After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside-Poetry
    Advance is Life's conditionPoetry
    Abraham to kill him-Poetry
    Above Oblivion's Tide there is a PierPoetry
    A World made penniless by that departurePoetry
    A Word made Flesh is seldomPoetry
    A word is deadPoetry
    A Word dropped careless on a PagePoetry
    A winged spark doth soar about-Poetry
    A Wind that rosePoetry
    A wild Blue sky abreast of WindsPoetry
    A train went through a burial gatePoetry
    A stagnant pleasure like a PoolPoetry
    A Spider sewed at NightPoetry
    A Sparrow took a Slice of TwigPoetry
    A soft Sea washed around the HousePoetry
    A Sloop of Amber slips awayPoetry
    A single Clover PlankPoetry
    A Sickness of this World it most occasionsPoetry
    A Saucer holds a CupPoetry
    A Route of EvanescencePoetry
    A Rat surrendered herePoetry
    A prompt-executive Bird is the Jay-Poetry
    A Pit-but Heaven over it-Poetry
    A Pang is more conspicuous in SpringPoetry
    A Mine there is no Man would ownPoetry
    A little Snow was here and therePoetry
    A little overflowing wordPoetry
    A little Madness in the SpringPoetry
    A little Dog that wags his tailPoetry
    A Letter is a joy of Earth-Poetry
    A lane of Yellow led the eyePoetry
    A great Hope fellPoetry
    A full fed Rose on meals of TintPoetry
    A Flower will not trouble her, it has so small a FootPoetry
    A Field of Stubble, lying serePoetry
    A faded Boy-in sallow ClothesPoetry
    A face devoid of love or gracePoetry
    A Drunkard cannot meet a CorkPoetry
    A Dimple in the TombPoetry
    A Diamond on the HandPoetry
    A Dew sufficed itself-Poetry
    A Deed knocks first at ThoughtPoetry
    A curious Cloud surprised the SkyPoetry
    A Counterfeit-a Plated Person-Poetry
    A chilly Peace infests the GrassPoetry
    A Cap of Lead across the skyPoetry
    A Bee his burnished CarriagePoetry
    Astrophil And Stella - Sonnet CVIIIPoetry
    Aux ImagistesPoetry
    An Autumn SunsetPoetry
    All NightPoetry
    At BaiaPoetry
    A Penitent Considers Another Coming Of MaryPoetry
    A MarriagePoetry
    A Song To DavidPoetry
    As Life Was FivePoetry
    All Things Will DiePoetry
    A FarewellPoetry
    A Story For Rose On The Midnight Flight To BostonPoetry
    Andy's Gone With CattlePoetry
    A Map Of LovePoetry
    Allegory Of The CavePoetry
    A Bush ChristeningPoetry
    American BeautyPoetry
    A PoemPoetry
    A Daily Joy To Be AlivePoetry
    Axe HandlesPoetry
    A Birthday PresentPoetry
    After Many DaysPoetry
    A Winter's TalePoetry
    A Spiritual WomanPoetry
    A Love SongPoetry
    Alone With EverybodyPoetry
    As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each OtherPoetry
    All My LifePoetry
    Account Of A Visit From St. NicholasPoetry
    A Retrospect Of HumidityPoetry
    Answer To A Sonnet By J.H.ReynoldsPoetry
    Addressed To HaydonPoetry
    A Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And FrancescaPoetry
    After The StormPoetry
    A Far Cry From AfricaPoetry
    A City's Death By FirePoetry
    Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXIPoetry
    Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIVPoetry
    Astrophel And Stella-First SongPoetry
    Astrophel And Stella-Eleventh SongPoetry
    A Better AnswerPoetry
    A Note On WyattPoetry
    A Valediction: Of WeepingPoetry
    A Hymn To Christ At The Author's Last Going Into GermanyPoetry
    Away from Home are some and I-Poetry
    As the Starved Maelstrom laps the NaviesPoetry
    As Sleigh Bells seem in summerPoetry
    As plan for Noon and plan for NightPoetry
    As One does Sickness overPoetry
    As Frost is best conceivedPoetry
    As Everywhere of SilverPoetry
    Apology for HerPoetry
    And this of all my HopesPoetry
    An Hour is a SeaPoetry
    Ample make this BedPoetry
    Always Mine!Poetry
    All I may, if smallPoetry
    All forgot for recollectingPoetry
    All Circumstances are the FramePoetry
    Absent Place-an April DayPoetry
    Absence disembodies-so does DeathPoetry
    A Shade upon the mind there passesPoetry
    A nearness to TremendousnessPoetry
    A Moth the hue of thisPoetry
    A Man may make a RemarkPoetry
    A loss of something ever felt IPoetry
    A doubt if it be UsPoetry
    A Death blow is a Life blow to SomePoetry
    A Coffin-is a small DomainPoetry
    A Cloud withdrew from the SkyPoetry
    Apology To KeatsPoetry
    Affair With Various EndingsPoetry
    Autumn DaybreakPoetry
    Ashes Of LifePoetry
    Apostrophe To ManPoetry
    And do you think that love itselfPoetry
    An Ancient GesturePoetry
    Afternoon On A HillPoetry
    A Visit To The AsylumPoetry
    A Conjuration To ElectraPoetry
    An Elegy On The Glory Of Her Sex, Mrs Mary BlaizePoetry
    An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad DogPoetry
    Alphonso Of CastilePoetry
    An Ode, On The Death Of Mr. Henry PurcellPoetry
    Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of MusicPoetry
    Absalom And AchitophelPoetry
    A LamentPoetry
    Apology To Delia: For Desiring A Lock Of Her HairPoetry
    A Hole In The FloorPoetry
    A Fire-TruckPoetry
    A Satirical ElegyPoetry
    Apollo On What The Boy GavePoetry
    A TaskPoetry
    Autumn-overlooked my KnittingPoetry
    As if the Sea should partPoetry
    Alter! When the Hills doPoetry
    All but Death, can be AdjustedPoetry
    Ah, Teneriffe!Poetry
    Again-his voice is at the doorPoetry
    A Thought went up my mind todayPoetry
    A South Wind-has a pathosPoetry
    A Prison gets to be a friendPoetry
    A Planted Life-diversifiedPoetry
    A long-long Sleep-A famous-SleepPoetry
    A little Road-not made of ManPoetry
    A first Mute ComingPoetry
    Any Man SpeaksPoetry
    A Study (A Soul)Poetry
    At A Vacation Exercise In The Colledge, Part Latin, Part English. The LatinSpeeches Ended, The English Thus BeganPoetry
    At A Solemn MusickPoetry
    Another On The SamePoetry
    An Epitaph On The Marchioness Of WinchesterPoetry
    At leisure is the SoulPoetry
    An ignorance a SunsetPoetry
    Afraid! Of whom am I afraid?Poetry
    A Toad, can die of LightPoetry
    A still-Volcano-LifePoetry
    A Dying Tiger-moaned for DrinkPoetry
    A SilencePoetry
    A Hermit ThrushPoetry
    A Hedge Of Rubber TreesPoetry
    A Catalpa Tree On West Twelfth StreetPoetry
    Attack On The Ad-ManPoetry
    At MidnightPoetry
    Another SarahPoetry
    Autobiographia LiterariaPoetry
    A True Account Of Talking To The Sun At Fire IslandPoetry
    At least-to pray-is left-is leftPoetry
    At last, to be identified!Poetry
    As Watchers hang upon the EastPoetry
    As if some little Arctic flowerPoetry
    As if I asked a common AlmsPoetry
    As far from pity, as complaintPoetry
    As Children bid the Guest "Good Night"Poetry
    As by the dead we love to sitPoetry
    Artists wrestled here!Poetry
    Answer JulyPoetry
    Angels, in the early morningPoetry
    An awful Tempest mashed the airPoetry
    An altered look about the hillsPoetry
    Ambition cannot find himPoetry
    Although I put away his lifePoetry
    Alone, I cannot bePoetry
    All the letters I can writePoetry
    All overgrown by cunning mossPoetry
    Ah, Necromancy Sweet!Poetry
    Ah, Moon-and Star!Poetry
    A <em>Wounded</em> Deer-leaps highestPoetry
    A Wife-at daybreak I shall bePoetry
    A Weight with Needles on the poundsPoetry
    A Visitor in MarlPoetry
    A transport one cannot containPoetry
    A Tooth upon Our PeacePoetry
    A Tongue-to tell Him I am true!Poetry
    A throe upon the featuresPoetry
    A something in a summer's DayPoetry
    A Solemn thing within the SoulPoetry
    A solemn thing-it was-I saidPoetry
    A slash of BluePoetry
    A single Screw of FleshPoetry
    A shady friend-for Torrid daysPoetry
    A Secret toldPoetry
    A science-so the Savants sayPoetry
    A precious-mouldering pleasurePoetry
    A poor-torn heart-a tattered heartPoetry
    A Night-there lay the Days betweenPoetry
    A Murmur in the Trees-to notePoetry
    A Mien to move a QueenPoetry
    A little East of JordanPoetry
    A little bread-a crust-a crumbPoetry
    A Lady red-amid the HillPoetry
    A House upon the HeightPoetry
    A happy lip-breaks suddenPoetry
    A fuzzy fellow, without feetPoetry
    A feather from the WhippoorwillPoetry
    A darting fear-a pomp-a tearPoetry
    A Charm invests a facePoetry
    A Burdock-clawed my GownPoetry
    Amor Vincit OmniaPoetry
    A Garden In ChicagoPoetry
    A LifePoetry
    A Lesson In VengeancePoetry
    At The Wedding MarchPoetry
    A Boy Named SuePoetry
    Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divinePoetry
    All these my banners bePoetry
    Adrift! A little boat adrift!Poetry
    A sepal, petal, and a thornPoetry
    A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!Poetry
    A SupplicationPoetry
    A Strange Wild SongPoetry
    Ask Me No MorePoetry
    A Spirit Passed Before MePoetry
    Another DayPoetry
    At Castle WoodPoetry
    A Little While, A Little WhilePoetry
    And Did Those Feet In Ancient TimePoetry
    All Lovely ThingsPoetry
    A Letter From Li PoPoetry
    A Blackbird SingingPoetry
    A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To BedPoetry
    Abandoned HousesPoetry
    After Making Love We Hear FootstepsPoetry
    A Woman UnconsciousPoetry
    An Old ManPoetry
    An AfternoonPoetry
    A Man In His LifePoetry
    Aunt JanePoetry
    Athabaska DickPoetry
    At Thirty-FivePoetry
    At The ParadePoetry
    At The Golden PigPoetry
    At Eighty YearsPoetry
    Apollo BelvederePoetry
    Ant HillPoetry
    An Olive FirePoetry
    An Old StoryPoetry
    Amateur PoetPoetry
    Alias BillPoetry
    Agnostic ApologyPoetry
    Afternoon TeaPoetry
    A Verseman's ApologyPoetry
    A Song Of Winter WeatherPoetry
    A Song Of The SandbagsPoetry
    A Song Of SuicidePoetry
    A Song Of SuccessPoetry
    A SnifterPoetry
    A Rolling StonePoetry
    A Pot Of TeaPoetry
    A Mediocre ManPoetry
    A Lyric DayPoetry
    A HeroPoetry
    A Canvas For A CrustPoetry
    A Cabbage PatchPoetry
    A BachelorPoetry
    A Case Of MurderPoetry
    A Week LaterPoetry
    An InvitationPoetry
    A Welsh TestamentPoetry
    A November NightPoetry
    A CryPoetry
    At San SebastianPoetry
    An EpicurePoetry
    Alpine HolidayPoetry
    A Little PrayerPoetry
    A Busy ManPoetry
    Ageing SchoolmasterPoetry
    A City RememberedPoetry
    April 18Poetry
    A Better ResurrectionPoetry
    Application For A Driving LicensePoetry
    Ave MariaPoetry
    At Night Chinamen JumpPoetry
    At Joan'sPoetry
    Ann Arbor VariationsPoetry
    A Quiet PoemPoetry
    A City WinterPoetry
    Autobiography At An Air-StationPoetry
    At GrassPoetry
    Annus MirabilisPoetry
    An Arundel TombPoetry
    A Study Of Reading HabitsPoetry
    A PeasantPoetry
    After PartingPoetry
    After LovePoetry
    Aztec MaskPoetry
    At A WindowPoetry
    Anna ImrothPoetry
    And They ObeyPoetry
    Among The Red GunsPoetry
    All Day LongPoetry
    A Teamster's FarewellPoetry
    A SphinxPoetry
    A FencePoetry
    A CoinPoetry
    A Step Away From ThemPoetry
    Admonitions To A Special PersonPoetry
    A Fool For EvergreenPoetry
    A Song Of A Young Lady To Her Ancient LoverPoetry
    An Obsessive Combination Of Onotological Inscape, Trickery And LovePoetry
    Anne PenningtonPoetry
    As PlannedPoetry
    A Poetry Reading At West PointPoetry
    At Night On The High SeasPoetry
    A Swarm Of GnatsPoetry
    Archaic Torso Of ApolloPoetry
    At Pleasure BayPoetry
    A Sick ChildPoetry
    Ascent To The SierrasPoetry
    A Wreath To The FishPoetry
    A Forgetful NumberPoetry
    A Conceited MistakePoetry
    After YearsPoetry
    A Birthday PoemPoetry
    A Birthday CandlePoetry
    At The Smithville Methodist ChurchPoetry
    all ignorance toboggans into knowPoetry
    A Display Of MackeralPoetry
    At Seventy-Five: Rereading An Old BookPoetry
    After UsPoetry
    Awake To SmilePoetry
    Armistice Day (1953)Poetry
    Abandoned DogPoetry
    A Year AgoPoetry
    A Sourdough StoryPoetry
    A Song Of Sixty-FivePoetry
    A Song For KiltsPoetry
    A Rusty NailPoetry
    A PleaPoetry
    A Grain Of SandPoetry
    A Domestic TragedyPoetry
    A CharacterPoetry
    A CasualtyPoetry
    At This Moment Of TimePoetry
    Archaic Bust Of ApolloPoetry
    Apollo Musagete, Poetry, And The Leader Of The MusesPoetry
    America, America!Poetry
    All Night, All NightPoetry
    Albert Einstein To Archibald MacleishPoetry
    A Young Child And His Pregnant MotherPoetry
    A Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By RenoirPoetry
    A Daughter Of EvePoetry
    Aunt Jennifer's TigersPoetry
    Adam's ComplaintPoetry
    An Infinite Number Of MonkeysPoetry
    A Performance Of Henry V At Stratford-Upon-AvonPoetry
    An AsphodelPoetry
    Alan Dugan Telling Me I Have A Problem With TimePoetry
    a pretty a dayPoetry
    a light Out)Poetry
    At Melville's TombPoetry
    All In The Golden AfternoonPoetry
    At The Other End Of The TelescopePoetry
    A Benediction Of The AirPoetry
    Alive TogetherPoetry
    After The Last DynastyPoetry
    Asked how old he wasPoetry
    All the time I pray to BuddhaPoetry
    A huge frog and IPoetry
    A cuckoo singsPoetry
    A bath when you're bornPoetry
    A bat flitsPoetry
    A Warning To My ReadersPoetry
    Awake at nightPoetry
    Autumn moonlightPoetry
    A snowy morningPoetry
    A monk sips morning teaPoetry
    A field of cottonPoetry
    A cool fall nightPoetry
    A cicada shellPoetry
    A caterpillarPoetry
    A beePoetry
    At Algeciras - A Meditaton Upon DeathPoetry
    Alternative Song For The Severed Head In `The King Of The Great Clock Tower'Poetry
    A Statesman's HolidayPoetry
    A Last ConfessionPoetry
    A First ConfessionPoetry
    A BonusPoetry
    Autumn DayPoetry
    As Once The Winged Energy Of DelightPoetry
    Along The Sun-Drenched RoadsidePoetry
    Again And Again, However We Know The Landscape Of LovePoetry
    A WalkPoetry
    A New PoetPoetry
    Aunt LeafPoetry
    At Great PondPoetry
    At Blackwater PondPoetry
    An Afternoon In The StacksPoetry
    After Arguing Against The Contention That Art Must Come From DiscontentPoetry
    A VisitorPoetry
    A MeetingPoetry
    Another VersionPoetry
    A Day Like Any OtherPoetry
    As You Leave MePoetry
    A Pastiche For EvePoetry
    A Musician's WifePoetry
    A Distance From The SeaPoetry
    Ave CaesarPoetry
    A Country LifePoetry
    Abou Ben AdhemPoetry
    Another Awkward Stage Of ConvalescencePoetry
    Arrival At SantosPoetry
    A ProdigalPoetry
    A Miracle For BreakfastPoetry
    An Improvisation For Angular MomentumPoetry
    Aurora PronePoetry
    An Absolutely Ordinary RainbowPoetry
    Amanda's PaintingPoetry
    At BessemerPoetry
    Any NightPoetry
    Another SongPoetry
    Animals Are Passing From Our LivesPoetry
    An EndingPoetry
    An Abandoned Factory, DetroitPoetry
    Among ChildrenPoetry
    A Woman WakingPoetry
    A Theory Of ProsodyPoetry
    A Sleepless NightPoetry
    August 15Poetry
    April 26Poetry
    April 24Poetry
    April 21Poetry
    April 19Poetry
    A Quick One Before I GoPoetry
    A Little HistoryPoetry
    A StoryPoetry
    At The Railway Station, UpwaysPoetry
    At Lulworth Cove A Century BackPoetry
    Architectural MasksPoetry
    An Autumn Rain-ScenePoetry
    An Ancient To AncientsPoetry
    Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?Poetry
    A Wife In LondonPoetry
    A Thunderstorm In TownPoetry
    A Broken AppointmentPoetry
    A TalePoetry
    A Knock On The DoorPoetry
    Asia: From Prometheus UnboundPoetry
    Art Thou Pale For WearinessPoetry
    An ExhortationPoetry
    A Widow Bird Sate Mourning For Her LovePoetry
    A LamentPoetry
    An Attempt At JealousyPoetry
    A Martian Sends A Postcard HomePoetry
    Ancient MeasuresPoetry
    An Instructor's DreamPoetry
    Advice From The ExpertsPoetry
    Ape And CoffeePoetry
    A Stone Is Nobody'sPoetry
    A Performance At Hog TheaterPoetry
    A Journey Through The MoonlightPoetry
    A Historical BreakfastPoetry
    As I Walked Out One EveningPoetry
    A Walk After DarkPoetry
    A Valediction Forbidding MourningPoetry
    An EmbroideryPoetry
    Advertisement For The Waldorf-AstoriaPoetry
    Angina PectorisPoetry
    About My PoetryPoetry
    A Spring Piece Left In The MiddlePoetry
    A Sad State Of FreedomPoetry
    A LetterPoetry
    A HillPoetry
    A Vast ConfusionPoetry
    All HallowsPoetry
    A FantasyPoetry
    Air And AngelsPoetry
    A Lame BeggarPoetry
    A FeverPoetry
    Autumn BirdsPoetry
    As Much As You CanPoetry
    Apollonius Of Tyana In RhodesPoetry
    Anna Dalassen&eacute;Poetry
    Anna ComnenaPoetry
    An Old ManPoetry
    Alexandrian KingsPoetry
    Aemilianus Monae, Alexandrian, 628 - 655 A.D.Poetry
    According To The Formulas Of Ancient Grecosyrian MagiPoetry
    A Year's SpinningPoetry
    A VisitPoetry
    And We Shall Not Get ExcitedPoetry
    An Arab Shepherd Is Searching For His Goat On Mount ZionPoetry
    A Precise WomanPoetry
    A Jewish Cemetery In GermanyPoetry
    A Dog After LovePoetry
    At The Executed Murderer's GravePoetry
    As I Step Over A Puddle At The End Of Winter, I Think Of An Ancient Chinese GovernorPoetry
    A Winter Daybreak Above VencePoetry
    A Poem About George Doty In The Death HousePoetry
    A Note Left In Jimmy Leonard's ShackPoetry
    A Piece Of The StormPoetry
    Arbol&eacute;, Arbol&eacute; . . .Poetry
    Adivinanza De La GuitarraPoetry
    Autumn ValentinePoetry
    Alfred, Lord TennysonPoetry
    Alexandre Dumas And His SonPoetry
    After Spanish ProverbPoetry
    A Well-Worn StoryPoetry
    A Very Short SongPoetry
    A PortraitPoetry
    A Pig's-Eye View Of LiteraturePoetry
    A Fairly Sad TalePoetry
    A Dream Lies DeadPoetry
    A Certain LadyPoetry
    A Song Of DespairPoetry
    Ah! Sun-FlowerPoetry
    A Cradle SongPoetry
    A Little ToothPoetry
    A KissPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: IX. The Secrets Of The OldPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: III. The MermaidPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: VII. The Friends Of His YouthPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: V. The Empty CupPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: IV. The Death Of The HarePoetry
    A Man Young And Old: VIII. Summer And SpringPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: II. Human DignityPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: X. His WildnessPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: VI. His MemoriesPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: XI. From Oedipus At ColonusPoetry
    A Man Young And Old: I. First LovePoetry
    Always Marry An April GirlPoetry
    A Tale Of The Thirteenth FloorPoetry
    A Caution To EverybodyPoetry
    Any TimePoetry
    Across KansasPoetry
    A Dog Has DiedPoetry
    A Wicker BasketPoetry
    A TokenPoetry
    A SongPoetry
    A Form Of WomenPoetry
    Anteater Poetry
    A Clock stoppedPoetry
    A Bird came down the WalkPoetry
    A Deep Sworn VowPoetry
    A Song From 'The Player Queen'Poetry
    An AppearancePoetry
    Among The NarcissiPoetry
    Autumn Begins In Martins Ferry, OhioPoetry
    A BlessingPoetry
    An Epitaph On A Child Of Queen Elizabeth's ChapelPoetry
    Away, MelancholyPoetry
    Alone In The WoodsPoetry
    Author's ProloguePoetry
    And Death Shall Have No DominionPoetry
    Among Those Killed In The Dawn Raid Was A Man Aged A HundredPoetry
    All That I Owe The Fellows Of The GravePoetry
    All All And All The Dry Worlds LeverPoetry
    A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In LondonPoetry
    A Process In The Weather Of The HeartPoetry
    A Letter To My AuntPoetry
    Ask MePoetry
    A Ritual To Read To Each OtherPoetry
    Aunt HelenPoetry
    A Cooking EggPoetry
    Apr&egrave;s le BainPoetry
    A Sort Of A SongPoetry
    Anecdote Of The JarPoetry
    A High-Toned Old Christian WomanPoetry
    Another Reason Why I Don't Keep A Gun In The HousePoetry
    Asking For RosesPoetry
    An Old Man's Winter NightPoetry
    After Apple PickingPoetry
    Acquainted With The NightPoetry
    A Time To TalkPoetry
    A SoldierPoetry
    A Servant To ServantsPoetry
    A QuestionPoetry
    A Patch Of Old SnowPoetry
    A Minor BirdPoetry
    A Late WalkPoetry
    A Dream PangPoetry
    A Cliff DwellingPoetry
    A Brook In The CityPoetry
    A Boundless MomentPoetry
    Alabama SongPoetry
    August 8thPoetry
    August 17thPoetry
    As It Was WrittenPoetry
    Anna Who Was MadPoetry
    Angels Of The Love AffairPoetry
    And One For My DamePoetry
    Again And Again And AgainPoetry
    After AuschwitzPoetry
    A Curse Against ElegiesPoetry
    Adventures Of IsabelPoetry
    A Word To HusbandsPoetry
    A Drink With Something In ItPoetry
    At The DoorPoetry
    Against WinterPoetry
    Ars PoeticaPoetry
    A Supermarket In CaliforniaPoetry
    a man who had fallen among theives... (XXVIII)Poetry
    As The Poems GoPoetry
    An Almost Made Up PoemPoetry
    At the California Institute of TechnologyPoetry
    At The FishhousesPoetry
    August 1968Poetry

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