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    Title of PieceType
    Little GiddingPoetry
    La FraisnePoetry
    Lament of the Frontier GuardPoetry
    L 'ArtPoetry
    La Regina AvrillousePoetry
    L 'EnvoiPoetry
    Lay of St. Odille, ThePoetry
    Legend of Hamilton Tighe, ThePoetry
    Lover and the Moon, ThePoetry
    Longing Poetry
    Lawyers ' Way, ThePoetry
    Little Brown BabyPoetry
    Lord my Pasture Shall Prepare, ThePoetry
    L 'EnvoiPoetry
    Light of Stars, ThePoetry
    Last Mowing, ThePoetry
    Lodged Poetry
    Line -Gang, ThePoetry
    Love and A QuestionPoetry
    Lucy GrayPoetry
    Lines written as a School Exercise at Hawkshead, Anno AetatisPoetry
    Lines composed a few miles above Tintern AbbeyPoetry
    Last of The Flock, ThePoetry
    Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew-treePoetry
    Lines Poetry
    Life Poetry
    L 'Envoy of Chaucer to BuktonPoetry
    La Priere de Nostre DamePoetry
    Little BirdsPoetry
    Lang Coortin', ThePoetry
    Lord Ullin's DaughterPoetry
    Last Man, ThePoetry
    Lara Poetry
    Life in a BottlePoetry
    Lord Walter's WifePoetry
    Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, ThePoetry
    Love and FollyPoetry
    Living Lost, ThePoetry
    Limits Poetry
    Lord LundyPoetry
    Lord FinchleyPoetry
    Lion , ThePoetry
    Lines to a DonPoetry
    Lines For A Christmas CardPoetry
    Love is The FirePoetry
    Lily Bed, ThePoetry
    Lochinvar Poetry
    Love and DeathPoetry
    Let it be ForgottenPoetry
    Longing Poetry
    Lockless Door, ThePoetry
    Leaving White King CityPoetry
    Lines Written in 1799.Poetry
    Lines on CurllPoetry
    Love 's LanternPoetry
    Lionel JohnsonPoetry
    Lines Written at Thorp GreenPoetry
    Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy DayPoetry
    Lines Written From HomePoetry
    Lines Inscribed on The Wall of a Dungeon in The Southern P of IPoetry
    Last LinesPoetry
    Love and FriendshipPoetry
    Little Dell, ThePoetry
    Lepracaun or Fairy Shoemaker, ThePoetry
    Late AutumnPoetry
    Love Poetry
    Larghetto Poetry
    Longing Poetry
    Love and SleepPoetry
    Lights OutPoetry
    Ladder of St. Augustine, ThePoetry
    Lollingdon Downs VIIIPoetry
    Love 's UsuryPoetry
    Lachin Y GairPoetry
    Last Word, ThePoetry
    Le Vieux TempsPoetry
    Log Jam, ThePoetry
    Little BateesePoetry
    Little Orphant AnniePoetry
    Lazy Roof, ThePoetry
    Lusty Youth should us ensuePoetry
    Love Poetry
    Last May a Braw WooerPoetry
    Little Vagabond, ThePoetry
    Lass Of Cessnock Banks, ThePoetry
    Lay a Garland on My HearsePoetry
    La Figlia Che PiangePoetry
    Lune de MielPoetry
    Le DirecteurPoetry
    LOVE , WHAT IT ISPoetry
    Little BilleePoetry
    Lobster -Quadrille, ThePoetry
    Loveliest of TreesPoetry
    Listening to a Flute in Yellow Crane PavillionPoetry
    Leto and NiobePoetry
    Long -Legged FlyPoetry
    Leda And The SwanPoetry
    Lapis LazuliPoetry
    Lines Written In DejectionPoetry
    Lines Written In Early SpringPoetry
    Lament of Mary Queen of Scots, on The Eve of a New YearPoetry
    Le ReveillonPoetry
    La Bella Donna Della Mia MentePoetry
    Libertatis Sacra FamesPoetry
    Louis NapoleonPoetry
    Lessons Poetry
    Long I Thought That KnowledgePoetry
    Locations And TimesPoetry
    Leaves Of Grass. A Carol Of Harvest For 1867Poetry
    Lo ! Victress On The PeaksPoetry
    Look Down, Fair MoonPoetry
    Long , Too Long, O Land!Poetry
    Laws For CreationsPoetry
    Lucretius Poetry
    Locksley HallPoetry
    Lilian Poetry
    Lancelot And ElainePoetry
    Lady ClarePoetry
    Love MePoetry
    Lights Poetry
    Love 's VicissitudesPoetry
    Love , What Is LovePoetry
    Loud And Low In The ChimneyPoetry
    Long Time I Lay In Little EasePoetry
    Lo , Now, My GuestPoetry
    Lo ! In Thine Honest Eyes I ReadPoetry
    Light As The Linnet On My Way I StartPoetry
    Let Love Go, If Go She WillPoetry
    Late , O MillerPoetry
    Love 's PhilosophyPoetry
    LXXIII The Choice, IIIPoetry
    LXXII The Choice, IIPoetry
    LXXI The Choice, IPoetry
    LXVI The Heart Of The NightPoetry
    Lenore Poetry
    Looking For A Monk And Not Finding HimPoetry
    Lycidas Poetry
    L 'AllegroPoetry
    Loneliness Poetry
    Love Made In The First Age. To Chloris.Poetry
    Lucasta At The Bath.Poetry
    Love Conquer'dPoetry
    Love Inthron'd. OdePoetry
    Lucasta Laughing.Poetry
    La Bella Bona Roba. To My Lady H. OdePoetry
    Lucasta 's World EpodePoetry
    Lucasta Paying Her Obsequies To The Chast Memory Of My Dearest Cosin Mrs. Bowes Barne[s]Poetry
    Lucasta , Taking The Waters At Tunbridge.Poetry
    Lucasta 's Fanne, With A Looking- Glasse In ItPoetry
    Lucasta WeepingPoetry
    Loss And GainPoetry
    Laus MariaePoetry
    Laughter In The SenatePoetry
    Loot Poetry
    L 'envoi To "Life's Handicap"Poetry
    L 'EnvoiPoetry
    L 'envoiPoetry
    Lines on The Mermaid TavernPoetry
    Lines Poetry
    La Belle Dame Sans MerciPoetry
    Lines Poetry
    Leipzig Poetry
    Lines Written On Leaving New RochellePoetry
    Lines To A LadyPoetry
    Lines Written In A Lady's AlbumPoetry
    Lines Poetry
    Loves ' InfinitenessPoetry
    Love 's AlchemyPoetry
    Like trains of cars on tracks of plushPoetry
    Love Poetry
    Limbo Poetry
    Lak of StedfastnessePoetry
    Love 's Last AdieuPoetry
    Lass That Made the Bed to Me, ThePoetry
    Love in the Guise of FrindshipPoetry
    Lines on the Fall of Fyers Near Loch NessPoetry
    Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots, On the Apporch of SpringPoetry
    Lost Mistress, ThePoetry
    Lost Leader, ThePoetry
    Last Ride Together, ThePoetry
    Laboratory , ThePoetry
    Love In A LifePoetry
    Love Among The RuinsPoetry
    Life In A LovePoetry
    Lady 's Yes, ThePoetry
    Look , ThePoetry
    Love Poetry
    Libido Poetry
    Lines Written In The Belief That The Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead Was Called AmbarvaliaPoetry
    Life Beyond, ThePoetry
    Letter , ThePoetry
    Life Poetry
    Little Boy Lost, ThePoetry
    Little Boy Found, ThePoetry
    Little Black Boy, ThePoetry
    Lily , ThePoetry
    Land of Dreams, ThePoetry
    Lamb , ThePoetry
    Love 's SecretPoetry
    London Poetry
    Laughing SongPoetry
    Love Arm'dPoetry
    Lines Written in Kensington GardensPoetry
    Lady MottisfontProse
    Landor's Cottage - A Pendant To "The Domain Of Arnheim"Prose
    Literary Life Of Thingum Bob, Esq. - Late Editor Of The Goosetherumfoodle - By HimselfProse
    Loss Of Breath - A Tale Neither In Nor Out Of "Blackwood"Prose
    Love Without HopePoetry
    Love's Function Is To Fabricate UnknownnessPoetry
    Locked DoorsPoetry
    Light Hearted WilliamPoetry
    Light Hearted AuthorPoetry
    Love Is A ParallaxPoetry
    Love Rode 1500 MilesPoetry
    Love And FriendshipPoetry
    Lament For Meng Hao-JanPoetry
    Lion & HoneycombPoetry
    Luck is not chance-Poetry
    Love's stricken "why"Poetry
    Love is done when Love's begunPoetry
    Love can do all but raise the DeadPoetry
    Look back on Time, with kindly eyes-Poetry
    Longing is like the SeedPoetry
    Long Years apart-can make noPoetry
    Lives he in any other worldPoetry
    Like Time's insidious wrinklePoetry
    Like Rain it sounded till it curvedPoetry
    Like Men and Women Shadows walkPoetry
    Like Brooms of SteelPoetry
    Lightly stepped a yellow starPoetry
    Lift it-with the FeathersPoetry
    Let my first Knowing be of theePoetry
    Let me not mar that perfect DreamPoetry
    Let me not thirst with this Hock at my LipPoetry
    Let down the Bars, Oh Death-Poetry
    Lest this be Heaven indeedPoetry
    Lest they should come-is all my fearPoetry
    Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born TodayPoetry
    Left in immortal YouthPoetry
    Lay this Laurel on the OnePoetry
    Lain in Nature-so suffice usPoetry
    Lad of Athens, faithful bePoetry
    London, 1802Poetry
    Let ZeusPoetry
    Leaning Into The AfternoonsPoetry
    Like Truthless Dreams, So Are My Joys ExpiredPoetry
    Landscape At The End Of The CenturyPoetry
    Like A VocationPoetry
    Lay Your Sleeping Head, My LovePoetry
    Love PoemPoetry
    Last Night As I Was SleepingPoetry
    Love And DeathPoetry
    Like Barley BendingPoetry
    Let It Enfold YouPoetry
    Love After LovePoetry
    Loving In Truth, And Fain In Verse My Love To ShowPoetry
    Leave Me, O Love Which Reachest But To DustPoetry
    Last ServicePoetry
    Love's DeityPoetry
    Love reckons by itself-alonePoetry
    Love-is that later Thing than DeathPoetry
    Love-is anterior to LifePoetry
    Light is sufficient to itselfPoetry
    Late Aubade &amp; ExplanationPoetry
    Love Is Not AllPoetry
    Lines Written In RecapitulationPoetry
    Loss And GainPoetry
    Lines Written During A Period Of InsanityPoetry
    Love Calls Us To The Things Of This WorldPoetry
    Life-is what we make of itPoetry
    Life, and Death, and GiantsPoetry
    Let Us play YesterdayPoetry
    Least Bee that brewPoetry
    Last Word To ChildhoodPoetry
    Like Mighty Foot Lights-burned the RedPoetry
    Let It Be ForgottenPoetry
    Low at my problem bendingPoetry
    Love-thou art highPoetry
    Like Some Old fashioned MiraclePoetry
    Like her the Saints retirePoetry
    Like Flowers, that heard the news of DewsPoetry
    Like eyes that looked on WastesPoetry
    Least Rivers-docile to some seaPoetry
    Low-Anchored CloudPoetry
    Let such pure hate still underprop Poetry
    Leaving EarlyPoetry
    Late Anniversary MadrigalPoetry
    Late RipenessPoetry
    Lines Written Beneath An Elm In The Churchyard Of HarrowPoetry
    Lines, On Hearing That Lady Byron Was IllPoetry
    Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A SkullPoetry
    Lament For CullodenPoetry
    Love's SecretPoetry
    Light Is More Important Than The LanternPoetry
    Long Distance IIPoetry
    Lowly LaureatePoetry
    Lottery TicketPoetry
    Lost ShepherdPoetry
    Lost KittenPoetry
    Local LadPoetry
    Little MoccasinsPoetry
    Little BrotherPoetry
    Lindy LouPoetry
    Last LookPoetry
    Land MinePoetry
    Love AgainPoetry
    Late FragmentPoetry
    Lobster For LunchPoetry
    Lesson In GrammarPoetry
    Love Songs In AgePoetry
    Long Sight In AgePoetry
    Lines On A Young Lady's Photograph Album Poetry
    Like The Train's BeatPoetry
    Letters To Dead ImagistsPoetry
    Last AnswersPoetry
    Louis Armstrong And Duke EllingtonPoetry
    Lying In GrassPoetry
    Lonesome NightPoetry
    Love &amp; Fame &amp; DeathPoetry
    Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"Poetry
    La Figlia Che Piange (The Weeping Girl)Poetry
    Ladies And Gentlemen In Outer SpacePoetry
    Loud MusicPoetry
    Lift Your Right ArmPoetry
    Lucindy JanePoetry
    Lord Let Me LivePoetry
    Little PuddletonPoetry
    Lip-Stick LizPoetry
    L'Escargot D'OrPoetry
    Les Grands MutilesPoetry
    Learn To LikePoetry
    Love And Marilyn MonroePoetry
    Late Autumn In VenicePoetry
    Living In SinPoetry
    Letter Of Recommendation From My Father To My Future WifePoetry
    Le Manteau De PascalPoetry
    Love, We Must Part NowPoetry
    Last time, I thinkPoetry
    Listening to the moonPoetry
    Lighting one candlePoetry
    Love's LonelinessPoetry
    Long-Legged FlyPoetry
    Love SongPoetry
    Little Tear-VasePoetry
    Lament (Whom will you cry to, heart?)Poetry
    Lament (O how all things are far removed)Poetry
    Lady On A BalconyPoetry
    Lady At A MirrorPoetry
    Little Summer Poem Touching The Subject Of FaithPoetry
    Late MoonPoetry
    Little Sleep's-Head Sprouting Hair In The MoonlightPoetry
    Late Evening SongPoetry
    La Vita NuovaPoetry
    Love The Wild SwanPoetry
    Let Them AlonePoetry
    Little Brown BrotherPoetry
    Love Lies SleepingPoetry
    Little ExercisePoetry
    Lines Written In The Fannie Farmer CookbookPoetry
    Letter To N.Y.Poetry
    Late Summer FiresPoetry
    Late LightPoetry
    Last WordsPoetry
    Let Me EnjoyPoetry
    Last Words To A Dumb FriendPoetry
    Last Hill In A VistaPoetry
    Love's PhilosophyPoetry
    Lines Written Among The Euganean HillsPoetry
    Lift Not The Painted Veil Which Those Who LivePoetry
    Lifeguard Clinging To A SteeplePoetry
    Let History Be My JudgePoetry
    Law Like LovePoetry
    Looking, Walking, BeingPoetry
    Life Is FinePoetry
    Let America Be America AgainPoetry
    Lion In An Iron CagePoetry
    Letters From A Man In SolitaryPoetry
    Letter To My WifePoetry
    Last Will And TestamentPoetry
    Lot's WifePoetry
    Lizards And SnakesPoetry
    Late Afternoon: The Onslaught Of LovePoetry
    Love PoemPoetry
    Labor DayPoetry
    Love's UsuryPoetry
    Love Lives Beyond The TombPoetry
    Love Of JerusalemPoetry
    Lines For WinterPoetry
    Las Seis CuerdasPoetry
    Lament For Ignacio Sanchez MejiasPoetry
    La GuitarraPoetry
    La Casada InfielPoetry
    Love SongPoetry
    Little WordsPoetry
    Lines On Reading Too Many PoetsPoetry
    Light Of LovePoetry
    Look What You Did, Christopher!Poetry
    Lines To Be Embroidered On A BibPoetry
    Lines Indited With All The Depravity Of PovertyPoetry
    Lather As You GoPoetry
    Letter To Kizer From SeattlePoetry
    Love LetterPoetry
    Letter In NovemberPoetry
    Last WordsPoetry
    Lady LazarusPoetry
    Lying In A Hammock At William Duffy's Farm In Pine Island, MinnesotaPoetry
    Landscape With The Fall Of IcarusPoetry
    Like A ScarfPoetry
    Les Fen&ecirc;tresPoetry
    Love In The AsylumPoetry
    Light Breaks Where No Sun ShinesPoetry
    Lie Still, Sleep BecalmedPoetry
    Lit InstructorPoetry
    Love SongPoetry
    Looking Across The Fields And Watching The Birds FlyPoetry
    Lines For The Fortune CookiesPoetry
    Lui Et EllePoetry
    Love And A QuestionPoetry
    Leaves Compared With FlowersPoetry
    Love Letter Written In A Burning BuildingPoetry
    Lessons In HungerPoetry
    Lines On Facing FortyPoetry
    Last News About The Little BoxPoetry
    Listen, LeoPoetry
    listen... (III)Poetry
    lily has a rose... (12)Poetry
    Lullaby For The CatPoetry
    Large Bad PicturePoetry
    Love IncarnatePoetry
    Les ColchiquesPoetry
    Le Pont MirabeauPoetry
    Lot's WifePoetry

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