WIki: Self Harm
WikiHowto: Stop Cutting!


Cutting is a physical release of overwhelming emotional stress. The pain releases endorphins that help soothe and clear the mind of built up anger and anxiety. It's hypothesized that it could be caused by chemical imbalances and depression that make them lust for the endorphin release. It may be due to sensory arousal. They feel more real and alive while cutting themselves.


Estimated 1/200 girls cut themselves.


Self-mutilation will only leave you more depressed. The action can be a horrible burden of guilt on a youth. You're friends say stop, but why do so if it makes you feel better? There's other ways to feel release than bleeding yourself. Try running or jump roping. Okay, so maybe exercise isn't your thing, but be sure not to listen to depressed music in reminiscence. Read something you enjoy. Paint. Draw. Join a group in the local school or community center. Write poetry. Any combination of actions. Accept cutting for what it is and whether you decide to stop or not, don't feel guilty with your choice of action. See the helpful exercises page.

Self-injury support groups