Writing Exercises

Think about this, write your answers if you want:

1. How many close friends do you have that you can say anything without fear of judgement.
2. Are you overwhelmed?
3. Have you been holding in guilt? If so, for how long?
4. How do you imagine your friends viewing you? Do you imagine yourself as they do?
5. How often do you finish everything you want to in a day?
6. What would make you happy, complete, and at peace?
7. What is the main root of your troubles?
8. Are you a confident person? Do you have anxiety over your personal appearance?
9. Make a list of things you do for enjoyment? Do any of these actions incorporate guilt.
10. What are your goals? Did you complete the goals you set the year before?

About Relationships:

1. Do you feel controlled?
2. Do you have a low self image?
3. Have you been relying too much on people for self definition?
4. Do you feel much more mature than most people your age?
5. Do you feel you're the advice giver to friends?
6. You feel like a good friend but you are mistreated and misunderstood by others?
7. Do you always feel with frustrations and worry over simple things?
8. Are you always tired and stressed?