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Name: D NIght
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'Batteries are dramatic objects..most things discharge or break, but batteries....they die.'

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Mood: Frustrated
I'm tired... with no way of sleeping,
I'm working... for no pay,
I'm inlove... with no one who cares,
I'm angry... with no one to fight with,
I just want out... I want a release.. help?

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Let's back it all up here to the part where you bungee'd with a REGULAR rope... that's just so so wrong... what did you expect to happen? You know that's why they used them to hang people, right? That snap-bone factor it gives when you hit the end of it and still haven't stopped falling? Of course, I can understand you being drunk and giving it magic properties. I broke my foot one night on a curb because I convinced myself if I could jump high enough, I'd beat the gravity factor and float straight up into the sky... That was a great night, bad morning at the ER tho... lol, they saw the flaws of my theory right away.

Well, I have been driving myself crazy all week literally, waiting for deliveries that don't come, watching classes start Monday (which I keep arguing with them is a HOLIDAY, why/how can my classes actually START on a day when the post office is closed and the banks aren't open??? Oh well....) They closed the WHOLE COLLEGE down on Monday due to "inclement weather"... like, what are we, a Kinder-class? This is COLLEGE for god's sake, not daycare, you're CLOSED because it snowed a little??? WTF???? All of these crazy things had me covered in a rash last night. Today I have huge scratches all over my body, no rash, and the very bottoms of my feet are the only thing itching. Nerves, of course. I have no weed (drug tests coming up), no "legal weed alternatives", no cigarettes (cuz my New Years Resolution was to stop smoking cigs), and this morning I was basically drunk off my butt, vacuuming my house and going through my garbage cans looking for a long-enough cig butt from my dumped ashtrays to relight and smoke... none, because I generally resmoke my butts before I throw them away to begin with... I know that I'm going to end up on some stupid prescription to get me into next week at this rate, wondering if I should just go get one now, or if I should try to "hold out" and end up in there Sunday night or something... and the prescription will probably mess me up and have me sleeping through the classes and I'll fail and remained Doomed to Mediocrity, etc... That's what kind of day I'm having. I need drugs, good sex, and some prime rib with dark bread and butter, and MAYBE I'll be better afterwards... but I don't see any of that in my immediate future, and let's face it, fake weed, an Arby's burger and some cowboy-roid redneck playing 8 second hold against the shower wall just isn't going to cut it...
| Posted on 2011-01-14 12:03:00 | by Runes - [ Reply to This ] -
Back from New-Orleans... was a particularly good trip, got to go shopping with a friend and bought her some clothes and new boots, she was jazzed with her early Christmas & got me semi-excited about the holidays. I'm giving her bf cookware, since I don't know how they function on what they're using... cookware, utensils, dish towels, serving and storage bowls... that sounds like a win-win for everyone if it inspires anyone there to cook again after the holiday. And sliding a sewing machine in on the side, since she's been wanting to learn to sew. Damn Christmas... it's like your whole year of neglecting friends ends in a guilt-driven frenzy to wrap up 12 months of missed conversations in red/green paper to say, "I love you despite never seeing you anymore," when a Hallmark card just isn't enough...

How are your holidays?
| Posted on 2010-11-27 03:02:30 | by Runes - [ Reply to This ] -
I disappear all the time LOL. How are you doing??? I've just gotten back from Chicago, pulled it together today to do laundry & shower, then heading for New Orleans for the holidays. Some friends invited me to crash with them again and eat without having to cook for myself... WONDERFUL! I'm going to see if my car makes it, and if not, I'll trade the [censored] in while in Louisiana and come home in a different ride... no worries. Everyone is concerned that I'm thinking of going to Chicago semi-permanently and so I'm sure I'll get another tour of the Wonders of Houma this week. Also planned to only spend 2 nights, but who am I kidding? If I'm driving I might stay a week or more, so I'm trying to "secure" the house before I leave again... make sure everything is cleaned up/presentable in case someone kicks in the door to rob me, they'll find it all organized. Whatta life most days, whatta life...

| Posted on 2010-11-24 14:07:37 | by Runes - [ Reply to This ] - thats all
| Posted on 2010-09-26 19:08:42 | by Sarah Black - [ Reply to This ] -
Nah, I rescue myself, never trust support rope or large chains or things that are not supposed to snap and break, because they usually snap like taffy. I have that spoon-bending Uri Geller thing going on, metallurgist touches that make things go awry despite their chemical make-ups.

| Posted on 2010-07-08 15:52:53 | by Runes - [ Reply to This ] -
I really enjoyed your PM. Will work on returning that...

| Posted on 2010-07-08 15:12:36 | by Runes - [ Reply to This ] -

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