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Name: A. I.M.
ASL: 18/f/Australia
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Days Away: 5105
Life Story: A.I.M
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14.07 Years 1.41 Quote:
"Not just another lost soul, I aim to look and find. My life is under the control of nothing but my mind. - A.I.M

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Thanks for your comments on The Invisible Man, much appreciated.

I really didn't know what people would think about it and I'm glad it's been well-received.


| Posted on 2008-12-23 15:12:19 | by alexboy - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment on my poem "Were there room enough" It actually was not so much talking about looking at the good times as about moving forward and continuing to live. If we look back over the past in any detail, good times or bad, we cannot move forward to new experiences or challenges. There just isn't time for both the looking back and the moving forward. If you enjoy life and the living of it, then it is too great a sacrifice to give up living the future to re-examine the past, as great as it may have been.

My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years (30 years?! How did that happen?!) To look over the experiences we've had in that time would require too much of our future.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem. I do hope you enjoy your life as much as I do mine.

| Posted on 2008-12-18 07:42:57 | by mae - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment on my poem Perfect Day. You're right about that 5th stanza - the meter is all off.

My life and the way I look at it. Well, there's the whole point, isn't it? It's all in how you look at it. mae
| Posted on 2008-12-18 07:35:32 | by mae - [ Reply to This ] -
Wow, thanks for keeping me up to date! Anything else I should know about myself?
| Posted on 2008-12-04 07:27:11 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
Exactly the opposite of what POETRY is meant to do, isn't it?
| Posted on 2008-12-03 08:29:33 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
I would love to comment on your work, but I'm afraid since you're looking for "someone to relate" in your poem Wee Eyes I won't be able to. Try to get more poems up! I'm sure they'll be great.
| Posted on 2008-12-03 02:51:03 | by WhatYouWill - [ Reply to This ] -

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