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Aion Kiori

Name: Brandon Kennedy
ASL: 20/M/The Stars
Website:[ Education ]
Days Away: 4766
Life Story: Firin Mah Lazer.
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Things happen for a reason, so no matter what, stay strong.

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A Calm Smile

Mood: Unbreakable Love
This is to my Angel,

Future Mrs. Amber Kennedy, the one and only woman who holds my very heart in her own hands and tends to it with a gentle kindness and love. I just wanted to say a little something about how much I feel for you, how deep the love I have for you runs in every fiber of my body and more. In two weeks my love, you'll be back in my arms, safe and warm everynight and day. Sweetheart, I know the past few weeks have been rough, but there is no more worries my beautiful angel. From this moment on, we're going back to how we were, truly perfect in every single way and happy to no end. I'm going to prove to my baby I'll be patient once again, that I'll let my baby spend time with her friends with no getting upset or over thinking anything. There is no need for me to be like that at all, so in my babe's words to "If you don't want to be like something, then don't be it." Well baby, I'm living those words now, hehe, and you can always count on me being that one person to always give my Amber the happiness that she has always deserved. I told my baby that the first night we started dating. I might have went through a small delay, but sweetheart, I'm back. For good. I'm going to live everyday showing my baby the true me again. I have something big planned for you when you arrive up here in two weeks my love, hehehe, and I can't wait. I love you Amber Bradshaw, future Mrs. Brandon Scott Kennedy, my wifey. You truly are my life and air, my world and my dreams. I love you baby.

Brandon, "Your Wolfie"

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Thank you for helping me so much Sir, even though I am so troublesome.. I really appreciate it..
| Posted on 2010-03-10 18:03:59 | by Yukimura - [ Reply to This ] -
hi how's your life going! If you need help or some advice i'm your girl! Just get with me and i'll be more than :) to help you!
| Posted on 2010-02-17 07:33:12 | by gothgirl101 - [ Reply to This ] -
Lol glad to see you found someone...I really am so happy for you, Koibitou. Really. As long as we stay as we are, minus the lovey dovy [censored], we are good. *glomps*But i will still always glomp you! Cuz it is my damn right!!!

| Posted on 2010-01-08 10:12:26 | by PrincessOfDark - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2010-01-04 15:12:07 | by Urisen - [ Reply to This ] -
I love you baby, you are my world and my life and there is nothing more in this world that I would rather do then for me to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me complete, without you I wouldn't see the best things in life, I wouldn't get to experience what true love it really about. With you I feel safe and loved and I know that I could never do any wrong with you. You are my everything and I will always be here with you now and forever and beyond if I am aloud. I love you so much baby.

~Druecilla "Your Wolfess"~
| Posted on 2009-12-17 13:24:42 | by Druecilla - [ Reply to This ] -
Best friends fo life.
Just sayin'.
| Posted on 2009-11-06 10:01:45 | by Aangskate - [ Reply to This ] -

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