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Name: Alyss Roselyn
ASL: 16/female/deep in my mind
Website:[ Education ]
Days Away: 6166
Life Story: I forgot.
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Random stuff

Mood: Thinking...
We I think I shalll explian the "Alyss" becuase I have nothing better to do. ALyss is said the same way as Alice, same name different speling kind-of thing. When ever you read a book about alice (ie: Go ask Alice) or here a song about an Alice (ie who the fuck is alice by kevin bloodly Wilson) Alice always has a not to great life things get screwed up but she is able to just pick up leave and start anew when things get so bad. Not saying I wanna runway from my problems but I wish I was brave enough to step into the new and be so fearlessly me. thats why I'm Alyss here. ohh and I got my G1.
By the way my spelling is terrible so please don't kill me over it in my journals I will try very hard to makes sure any poems I write don't have spelling errors.

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