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Name: Dorian Gray
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Life Story: A Tragi- Vaudeville
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“He not busy being born is busy dying"by B. Dylan

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Mood: Overwhelmed
A new day, there before me, immutable
another day between my uncertain future and I
Dreams, more dreams, flowing without end, ineffable
Tomorrow, I will change, I will be better, I will go far
There, there, everything will be fine. I promise
Shh, Don't be afraid. You will not get crushed

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Thanks for the comment on Fades:

Yes it was a sad poem, the essence of the poem is that the external beauty of the human being disappears in time as we get older, but the inner beauty that was placed within us, won't fade, and the things that we made our selfs, either bitter or happy, or in this case unable to let the pain of past relationships go, will come o the surface, once the rain washes the dust away, and reveals we tried to hide, or unable to hide from our selfs.

But the good news is that pain fades just like the painting, but as the saying goes we are as young as we feel.

Well the point is that our dreams keep our spirits young, cultivating hope, so yes, why should a bud turn into a rose, for one purpose to show the world the inner beauty that was placed in the forms of gifts and talents that was installed into everyone of us making each one unique, and special.

And yes, again agree there is pleasure in reading poems; to see what treasures lie withing them.

Apologies for making your heart sad ... but this was written after a breakup (Along time ago).

Kind regards
| Posted on 2007-02-06 06:02:20 | by bornx2000 - [ Reply to This ] -
Where have you been ? Just wondering... because I haven't found many like you... it would be an incredibly big pity to just let you go without some kind of a fight (or fit in any case..)

How have you been.. ?

| Posted on 2007-01-14 05:15:47 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on " Be Patient " and I hope you've really liked my poems..
| Posted on 2007-01-04 00:00:00 | by Khaled AbdAllah - [ Reply to This ] -
you figured it out better than anyone else.

so congrats.

The reason he spent so much time between 90 and 270 was because he hadn't yet begin his life, but he wasn't that young either. The times when he went outside the circle were times when he acted either overly wise, or overly childish. It sustains a spectra of human psyche, each peice of the circle is a part of the mind, each acts differently, and each comes to a reality and an irreality that it wishes to change.

Well done anyway

Wishing for more
| Posted on 2006-12-15 00:00:00 | by Imadjinn - [ Reply to This ] -
Pay attention to the words... I didn't use three dimensional to make things sound more realistic for no reason. I aslo excluded the forth dimension for a reason, you know. Why are statues built in the first place? To take away that forth dimension of time and make something that has already been, seem somewhat 'timeless' and in that aspect 'alive'. You are right in saying that a dead bird can only become a beautiful DEAD bird, but wouldn't you call it an art to make that 'dead' seem invisible... Almost to make us forget about that depressing adjective. Isn't that the purpose of romantic arts? To amplify and single out euphoric beauties... I played a lot more on the visual aspect of it all in my message, which most people seem[ed] to miss... When you see a statue, if it is truly well done, and crafted by masterful hands... It will not scare you, haunt you or anything... It'll draw you towards it's true beauty as any living modest animal would. That is the quintessence of the art... and aspect that has been forgotten, and believe me it has.. The first time I walked into the back of my father's shop, I saw a beautiful eagle and could've sworn it was swooshing down on me and it scared me in that aspect, but my father truly did bask in my reaction because he knew he had done his job. I asked him why he had such a big smirk on his face - and I was only 4 at the time - but he never really gave me an answer... 'Satiating point' wasn't for you guys... it was for me..

Thanks for the time you took... I wanted to post one of his pieces as the picture, but I sincerely couldn't find any around the house and he hasn't really expanded to the internet... so I had to put up a cheap picture Oh, and if you start trying to figure out my every motivation behind pieces... I will have one hell of a time explaining it, and you an even harder one understanding =P.

| Posted on 2006-12-06 00:00:00 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
I'm surprised to see that you've been here more than three months and barely have a 2:2 give-take rating. So... I'm going to add another one to the 'take'
| Posted on 2006-12-04 00:00:00 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -

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