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Name: Angie 444
ASL: 15 f Romania
Website:[ Education ]
Days Away: 5117
Life Story: under construction
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Kill one person and you are called a "Murderer". Kill a million people and you are called a "King". Kill everyone on earth and you are called a "God"

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Are you still here, god?
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Featured: Are you still here, god?

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 Epiphany of an angry, dying poet
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Yes you are quite right. This was or still is part of their Rain Dance. The man and the wind and the bird are actually one in spirit. These people did never change and still remain primitive. To educate them did not succeed and it was decided to leave them in their desert environment that was granted them. Nobody really wants to occupy a desert so they are quite save. They are known as the San people or Bushman (Boesman). They still paint rock paintings since ancient times.
Their dancing and songs are all cult related and very powerful trance intended for meditation orientations. That is why you became entranced for a moment. They dance at night around a huge fire and mimic all kinds of animals as their ancestor’s spirits. Their language is made up of Click sounds and hand signs and few of us can understand it.
I am glad you enjoyed it. Will look for more examples amongst other tribes. luv u. Joachim.
| Posted on 2008-09-14 20:15:26 | by Joachim - [ Reply to This ] -
Well as promised: two poems placed.
Let`s see how it goes. Luv u. Joachim.
| Posted on 2008-09-14 10:32:23 | by Joachim - [ Reply to This ] -
Hallo dear Angie friend glad you are back. The comms are appreciated very much. I’ll try to obtain good RSA poetry for you. My country’s poems are in my language and will try English South African. I will try to find Afrikaans translated into English for you. Just watch this space as the saying goes.
I will place a short poem watch for it by Mihai from your country.
My daughter Beulah on ES by her name, could also be of help. Will ask her.
We`ll chat some more. Keep well. Luv u. Joachim.
| Posted on 2008-09-14 08:57:28 | by Joachim - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi there Angie. Thnz again for your in-depth comms. I did visit the website of your poet and he is marvellous par excellence. I love him. I am a fan of him now. So brilliant a man he must have been.
Will you allow me to exhibit his short poem To the Star I on ES with dew respect with all his names and so on? Or rather will you do it? It is so beautiful and true. I love his “ A Dacian`s Prayer” is excellent and my fav but a bit long to put an ES which I wont unless you say I may. If you think no leave it as its is I will comply. Will chat again. lots of luv u Joachim
| Posted on 2008-09-11 08:14:19 | by Joachim - [ Reply to This ] -
:) someone always catches me on my spelling errors. i appericate the comment and the read over. im glad you found some of the major points within the verses.
| Posted on 2008-09-09 03:29:56 | by TSTCTC - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you very much for your comments on, "Twitchy." I really appreciate the thought and consideration you put into your response. The poem was not terribly specific with the imagery, leaving the meaning ambiguous. Your interpretation was close to what I was trying to convey, so that's encouraging. Thank you again for your wonderful comment!
| Posted on 2008-09-02 19:45:23 | by Wolfe - [ Reply to This ] -

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