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Name: Emilie Chamberlain
ASL: 17/female/HELL
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Days Away: 6001
Life Story: Will be a book
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Signup Date: 6602 D
18.09 Years 1.81 Quote:
"Life is strange; to expect people to be all one way or all another way is stupid."

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Emilie, Draped In Pretty Laces

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As Easy as You

Mood: Bored
I'm sitting here, typing to past the time until Odie gets here, which will be soon. I'm tired, I could use a nap, but I can't now, so I have to deal. I think I should start taking vitamins. I dont' know.
Sarah's party was okay. I had fun...
I'm reading <i><u>Bitch</i></u> by Elizabeth Wurtzel. One of three books by her that I got for Christmas.
I'm bored out of my mind right now...

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