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Name: Talisen Aedifice
ASL: 16/F/MI
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Days Away: 5931
Life Story: Schism
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Playing with fire and tempting the storm

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It's not me. I made the account for Cang, it was made for him in dec. because he doesn't have or want an email address. He's really nice, i met him at a volly ball game. He's 17 almost 18, asian and a very awesome artist. He's in the dual enrollment art class. I haven't had control for a while now since he changed the password and i really wouldn't do that anyway. Make sure everyone knows this, i talked to him today, he's more than a little annoyed at all this. The only reason he even knows you guys is because i've told him so many good things about you guys. I put you guys on his stalk list when i started the name but he liked you works and kept them on. Out of all of you i think Tabitha is the only one he really likes (he's quite fond of her you know). But damn, i didn't realize how treacherous Amber was, good to know i can trust her. Interesting how the second i'm gone Amber spills her guts, huh? But this is my notice to all of you at Elite Skills: I'm closing my account and not opening a new one. I thought this was a place where you could trust people but i was obviously wrong. And to my dear friend Amber: Did you think i wouldm't find out?
Cang will probably keep his account but i'm going to request that you guys leave him the hell alone. All but Tabitha and Nena. The rest of you can get bent.

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