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Name: Courtney Hubbard
ASL: 23/female/Washington
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Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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The Mind and It's Workings.

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Mood: Stressed
No matter how hard i try, i can't seem to keep my life together for more than a few months. I got fired for the second time this year, after never having been fired before in my life. Neither time was due to negligence or wrongdoing on my part....the first was at Top Foods, where they panicked and decided they didn't trust a 22 year old to run their bakery department after all while they were trying to figure our their remodel to a Haggen store, and the second...well, Julie of Julie's Gluten Free Bakery is an evil, self centered woman who needs professional help. I stayed for 9 months, with a week long foray into management at top foods in the middle of that. I worked my ass off for Julie, developed relationships with my coworkers, and developed recipes and helped julie so much. She knew the whole time that she was almost 100 thousand dollars in debt, yet she still brought up an award winning cake decorator from california to work for her. Lindsey is now pregnant and is going to have a hard time finding a job. Because Julie is shutting down her bakery. but not before firing me two days before she announced she was closing her doors. all because she didn't like me and didnt want me to get unemployment. I'm not making this up, folks. her reason for firing me was that i tore a note she had written out of our communication book. thats all. 16 hour days and countless recipes developed, hard work sweat and tears and i was dropped just like that.

good riddance. but it is so hard to find bakery jobs in the winter...and i already couldn't pay my bills.

i have so much dedication to my work and so much to offer, and so do my coworkers, all great people. it's so, so so so infuriating that we all gave everything to Julie and she threw it all back in our faces on the daily, treated us terribly and ultimately shirked her responsibilities and gave up on us and on her bakery.

I am not generally a hateful person. but i will make an exception for that woman for the rest of my life.

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I like your journal entry, it's sweet. Just sayin'.
| Posted on 2010-12-27 06:40:56 | by EshyFishy - [ Reply to This ] -
All I can say is, "Wow." I read your comment on my "Love's Magnitude" poem, and I could not agree more with what you said. When I wrote the poem, I had a tough time conveying all I meant to say and wanted to say in that short poem. I did not want it to be a very long one, and I think I accomplished what I wanted for the most part. Your views on the different types of love are very interesting. I hold basically the same views myself, and I find it interesting that my best friend Matt and I were talking about this very thing yesterday.

I greatly appreciate the comment and favorite addition. I look forward to anything else you have to say. You have quite an interesting mind.
| Posted on 2010-06-09 19:17:37 | by FlickerofHope - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey, thanks for your comment on "If anything, then nothing." I suppose my simplicity is born from knowingness since if I knew more words, I'd reckon I'd use them.

Yeah, not much more to add.


| Posted on 2010-04-08 16:21:54 | by Urisen - [ Reply to This ] -
Hmm darling I love you. You have weird dreams. But then again, I can understand. lol. The other day I had a dream that Muffin slept with Steven... and I was mad at her not because she slept with my potential boyfriend, but because she lost her virginity before me. Weird. And I also had a dream the other night that I was giving Steven a scalp treatment on my aunt's back porch and he wanted to go smoke, but I wasn't mad at that, I was mad because he wouldn't let me finish doing the scalp treatment! I get mad about all the wrong things in my dreams! lol And no he doesn't smoke. I don't know why I dreamt that.

I hope you feel better soon Dearie. It sucks being sick

I'll make sure to stock up on nasty chips... there won't be any fear of them being gone by the time you get here, since I only eat them when I'm with you lol
| Posted on 2009-07-23 10:06:34 | by Kaygrl - [ Reply to This ] -
Courtney, you tard. You ARE NOT TOO YOUNG!!!! Don't even say that. My aunt is NOT right, about anything! I love you to death, you're one of my best friends, and I'm not giving that up to satisfy my stupid cow of an aunt. So shut your pie hole!

And I told you I'm not mad at you! So you made a mistake. You're only human... Who would you be if you didn't? Jesus? Come on, don't beat yourself up.

And you wouldn't be the same Courtney if you didn't try to help. That's how I know you. I know you try to help because you care. Sometimes it's irritating because you jump to conclusions, but I know you mean well. And you're usually right about things too. I do listen to you... I just don't always hear you because I'm stubborn and you know that.

And Steven isn't my boyfriend. We've been on a couple dates. But I don't know if he even wants me. He hasn't been talking to me much lately, so it might be another Jorey. Kiss me then never see/talk to me again. And if it is, then it's better to find out now before I waste my time. But then again, I tend to jump to conclusions too, so he could just be busy or forgot to text me or something. Who knows.

I tried to call you on Monday, but you didn't answer your phone. I would have called you back, but then my aunt came back. And she's weird about the phone.

I miss you loads, I can't wait til you come back. I'ma give you a ginormous hug! And when you're back, I'll be free, so I can hang out whenever!

So don't forget that I love you!!!!!!! EVER! And stop being all emo haha. So get some sleep, eat some good food, and when you get back we'll eat those nasty chips you like and some rockstars
| Posted on 2009-07-22 09:39:19 | by Kaygrl - [ Reply to This ] -

Your (L)attitude is world-wide the same stanza : morals are forgotten crimes and lust is part of the morals of this Time in Space.
The longer you stay on this road (in bed) of thought the more you accept it as the Road you chose to be on and getting off in Time becomes more obscure and difficult.
The Name of this Game is Comprehension. Your longing to go home is a Sign not to be ignored much longer. Think about it! Why you really don’t want to go Home? Why be consumed by lust that is slowly eating away at your Soul and leaves emptiness in its Hole called the Abyss in modern plain language. The Abyss have found common ground in the younger people just because the are innocents in as world filled with Shame , Crime, Lust, Fornication, Love that is actually Loveless in character. Lust just not qualify next to innocence of Spirit there is no common ground to be found there-in. When I am confronted with similar situations everyday, I simply rethink the situation calmly, Silently in my Inner being my Inner Child and follow the Path past the Abyss to common ground only to be found where I am at Home : In Inner Peace that I have found by turning away Spiritually from Lust that has become the Comfortable Way to the Abyss that really exists whether you ignore it or not – your consciousness cannot vaporise the Truth that you constantly ignore that your are still innocence in Spirit as part of You a Living Spirit! You where created Body (lust) Soul (innocence) and Spirit (You eternally). So why choose the deadly lusts of this world to be your Path when you have innocence as your ally to withstand the Abyss that has only one Desire that is to taint your pureness of youth your innocence in Spirit. Don’t be fooled by “grand feelings” of contradictions – that you generate yourself. Just switch off that current of Darkness and the Sun that Is – will break through in your Life.

Blessed Be. Joachim.

| Posted on 2009-07-17 01:41:48 | by Joachim - [ Reply to This ] -

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