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Your welcome:)
| Posted on 2011-08-31 10:22:53 | by blackdemigod13 - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks alot alot alot for the comment, I placed the intro of here and on deviant art and waited and you were the first to comment thanks

as you said in the comment in the story the purpose of the mission was not important, it was a mean to an end as they call it, its a fantasy story that begins in our world and continues to another, finding a way to get my characters to the other world is tough because its all used up, specially when it comes to getting highschool students to the other world its very used up, so I decided to go military

am building the world right now, and it was wrong of me to start without doing the world first, but still I am posting chapter 1 right now and hope you tell me what you think, and sorry am talking alot but what do you think might help the intro more? , I dont want to ruin the whole story on the reader, I want them to find things out eventually
| Posted on 2011-08-27 02:03:03 | by Squall Leon Hea - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for the fav add :D
Much appreciated.

| Posted on 2011-08-25 12:32:20 | by MinervaBlu - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment:)
| Posted on 2011-08-25 10:24:12 | by blackdemigod13 - [ Reply to This ] -

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