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Dusty, thank you for coming by and for commenting on "The Death Of A Flower". It's good hearing from you again, old friend..
| Posted on 2012-07-14 13:32:30 | by Ron Cole - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for coming by and commenting Dusty! My best to you and yours!
| Posted on 2012-03-10 10:16:07 | by Ron Cole - [ Reply to This ] -
Dusty, I was delighted to see that you had come by, and thank you for commenting on "The Magic Of Autumn".
| Posted on 2011-10-18 22:25:07 | by Ron Cole - [ Reply to This ] -
Dusty, thanks for coming by and for commenting on "Tears Of An Angel".
| Posted on 2011-08-01 09:42:04 | by Ron Cole - [ Reply to This ] -
hey i haven't been on here awhile but i saw your comment and i appreciate that it was some sad thoughts
| Posted on 2011-07-17 22:20:08 | by concrete_rose - [ Reply to This ] -
Dusty, I was chuckling at your comments on "The Hound Dog And The Hare", and the thought came to me to refer you to a site called "The Starlight Cafe", where I also post some of my poetry. That site allows you to add a background scene and a music score to your poems. The music score to "The Hound Dog And The Hare" really brings it alive. I'm told that the site is owned by the same people that host Elite Skills.

To get there, enter Starlight Cafe in your search window, select Starlight Cafe Poet's Corner, then go to the bottom of the page and enter the poets name that you want to go to; I am logged there as Ron Cole.

Some of my poems there where the music score adds a great deal to the poem are

1. Before The Winter's Freeze - Page 1

2. The Summers Breeze - Page 2

3. The Song Of Leaves - Page 4

4. The Hound Dog and the Hare- Page 5

You might want to join the site also, and thrill the readers with your short stories.
| Posted on 2011-07-02 18:09:01 | by Ron Cole - [ Reply to This ] -

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