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Dark Romeo89

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"Nobody gives a shit, so fuck civility, fuck manners, and fuck everyone who disagrees."lib

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yes there is a world outside of elite
don't limit yourselves go to a site that is still alive and full of people that actually comment

R.I.P. Elite Skills

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 the truth
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Yea, ES was done right, the members just abused the system.

I understand you don't agree with my accusations earlier, and that's fine.

I actually have only had my site up for 2 months, so 70 members isn't bad at all.
I submitted it to google and yahoo searches, but it might take a long while to show up.

Until then I'm looking for other web pages, search engines, web rings, etc, that might better get the site popular.

I have options, but my hatred of sidebar advertisements is holding me back. Maybe I'll take a poll of the members.

| Posted on 2008-10-10 19:37:37 | by Sheakhan - [ Reply to This ] -
I might check it out, though it sounds tedious.

The way I have my site set up simply requires that users specify what sort of crit they want with their post, that way everything is well organized, and still leaves room for different crit levels.

An ollllld poetry site I was a member of did things much the same way.

| Posted on 2008-10-10 04:57:20 | by Sheakhan - [ Reply to This ] -
I actually run a writing site of my own.

I'm fairly certain Writer's Cafe is a terrible site, you have to work, it would seem, to find people that will actually reciprocate comment. Most folks are horrible at offering crit, and writing in general there.

I haven't seen the Poet Sanctuary yet.
| Posted on 2008-10-10 01:44:26 | by Sheakhan - [ Reply to This ] -
well u can just sit there and amuse yourself but im going to do what im here to do
have fun
| Posted on 2008-10-09 20:39:00 | by Dark Romeo89 - [ Reply to This ] -


Right, so, when you actually have something to say that doesn't contradict your previous statements, we'll actually have a debate. If that's what it is trying to be.

But until then, I'm content to leaving you with the false belief that I'm insulting you for any personal reason.

Truth be told, I'm insulting you because you've yet to prove that you are deserving of better. You turn aside my arguments, calling them "word games" and yet you support this statement with... let me see... nothing, nothing at all.

On top of that, I answer your questions and you ignore the responses entirely.

Don't like the answers?

As far as pulling [censored] out of my ass goes, I have yet to bring up (at least so far as I'm aware) a single invalid point. Once again, you toss them aside, labeling them as word games, which I'm fairly certain is your "clever" method of avoiding the bits you don't like to hear.

You claim to have a point, and I continually see that not only do you not, but even the swill you claim to be your point is not evidenced in ANY of your actions, statements, or beliefs.

I may not have outright stated that the site is going down hill, but I certainly haven't said anything against it.

Your only valid opinion is that ES has become increasingly devoid of life.

I suppose I might also admit the Webmaster's lack of attention.

But the original core of my argument wasn't to denounce the aforementioned. It was to deter you from your attacks on Jimmy Ruska, because fact of the matter is, JR is NOT responsible for the lethargy, inattentiveness, and discorteousness of the members. He is not some mad dictator, nor is he capable of mind control. And short of going on a zealous banning spree, there is nothing he could hope to do to curb the lack of action in this community.

Ultimately though, my goal with this argument was to amuse myself. And that has been accomplished quite stupendously. Anything after this point is a bonus.

Keegan Ryan Gilmore.

| Posted on 2008-10-09 04:22:24 | by Sheakhan - [ Reply to This ] -
Wow. Etheror really put you in your place, didn't they?

Seems like I missed that, too bad, it was an excellent bit of information to bring up.

As far as what I do for the site?

You implied that money was the best method of support. If that is so (which it certainly isn't) than I guess I'm a terrible supporter.

But if REAL support of the community is constantly striving to reciprocate those comments given to me, to keep the cycle going, and to make the system that the website was designed around work properly?

Than I am a far more active, respectable member of this community than you could EVER hope to be, and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

You are a hypocrit, a fool, and a coward.

You hide behind shallow defenses, you accuse me of playing games with words to make a point? The only game I played with your words was Poker, and I had the better hand.

I show you the fallacies in your own accusations, the flaws in your statements, and you are too blind, ignorant, or outright stupid to notice and accept them. That, a good debater, does not make.

Your statistics on this site show you to be an underachiever, someone who performs average occasionally, and below standards the rest of the time.

You have no room, and no right to point fingers, slander the community, or state your opinions expecting to be accepted with open arms.

You have nothing to offer this website, the world of poetry, or society at large.

My suggestion? A thirteen loop tie. Make sure it's tight.

~Keegan Ryan Gilmore.

| Posted on 2008-10-07 21:46:14 | by Sheakhan - [ Reply to This ] -

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