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ES Magazine

Name: ES Magazine
ASL: 2 Years, 3 months/:S/ES
Website:[ Education ]
Days Away: 4901
Life Story: Born on Sept4th,2006
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This shouldn't be a difficult endeavor. You should be able to pull out these magazine articles weekly if you had to; nothing about them were too complicated or in-depth. I could fix up a magazine faster than this . . . . Ugh.
| Posted on 2009-04-30 17:32:51 | by UnderINK - [ Reply to This ] -
A sense of urgency would be appreciated. This site has been doing a slow bloodletting for quite awhile now. It's easier to give up, than to give!
| Posted on 2009-04-29 17:00:48 | by Vancrown - [ Reply to This ] -

a big cow pushed me!

a mouse came down the chimney and gobbled it all up...

dolly did it!
| Posted on 2009-04-29 05:48:12 | by Someones Epiphany - [ Reply to This ] -
yay u guys r comeing back sorta i have every time that i get on the first thing i do is check if ur comeing back and you are yippy hurry and get it up i print it off i printed last one and i think i still have it at the schoopl libary
| Posted on 2009-03-06 12:20:45 | by vencix - [ Reply to This ] -
Anyone intend to publish the mag again?
| Posted on 2009-03-05 03:55:55 | by rws - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2009-02-28 11:11:43 | by abuzzbuzz92 - [ Reply to This ] -

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