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You win some, you lose some, but you live, you live, to fight another day.

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Hey, it's been a long time, but I'm back in town. Well, at least back on this part of the site. I thought I would spruce up my page a little bit from time to time and let people know what's happening. I really miss this place, but I think that's my own darn fault, ya'know. I didn't make the conscious effort of fostering a community here, but I'll jump on every once in a while and see if there's any new interesting writes.

Also, I'm gonna just throw out some links to a few stories that I've been working on (with and without others) just so you know what I've been up to the past 5+ years.

Noir Fabula:

Noir Fabula started 5 years ago with a rag tag group of old RPers. At first, like many RPs back in the day, it started off as an open sandbox where there weren't many rules, but as time went on, a story shaped up. I'd like to say that this is the definitive version for a few of my characters. It hasn't been updated in a long time, so we haven't reached an end. I have a feeling we'll get there, eventually.

Seas Beyond Infinity:

Seas Beyond Infinity is a "sequel" to Noir Fabula. Whether or not this sequel is canon is up to the reader. It takes place approximately 10,000 after Noir Fabula and is more of an homage to the second half of Noir Fabula. Most of the characters are new, but there are allusions to the main story. If you're interested in learning what happens to a ragtag group of explorers, you'll love Seas Beyond Infinity.

I hope to hear from any remnants of this site soon!

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Thanks for your note regarding Ronald. We'll miss him.

| Posted on 2022-06-23 12:38:38 | by Blue Monk - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey there Finn! Hope you're doing well!

I think the RP Cloud needs a comment box on our profiles again!

I just came back here to reminisce :)
| Posted on 2022-05-09 06:59:42 | by Vossler - [ Reply to This ] -
Finn! <3 Thank you for stopping by, love. You're right, I've determined to never let poison destroy beauty. I will cherish the goodness that was... and the pain of the bad will fade.

Looking forward to stalking you again!
| Posted on 2019-05-14 08:45:13 | by rememberplaydoh - [ Reply to This ] -
A real writer writes in spite of not wanting to write. They follow through even though they are already satisfied by what is written in their mind.

Real writers challenge themselves but with modest goals.

A real writer must be willing to elaborate.

Finally a real writer seeks criticism.

Hey this is fun! Maybe we should make it our project to define what a real writer is or does.
| Posted on 2015-02-15 10:37:06 | by stellartotem - [ Reply to This ] -
We all log back on eventually.
I hope all is well, Finnigan.
| Posted on 2014-06-05 20:12:49 | by MowsysWrath - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey :)
| Posted on 2013-11-13 01:05:57 | by nikita2u - [ Reply to This ] -

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