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Name: kaity lizzy
ASL: 20/female/Vermont
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Days Away: 2069
Life Story: Trying to find it
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Mood: The Usual
i keep reading people's poetry, but i get to the bottom to leave a comment, and there is no place to leave a comment, but clearly others have done it before me, so my question here is what am i doing wrong, that there is no box to leave my comment in, i hate posting without helping others out and giving imput back, PLEASE HELP!!!
much love

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Reply:My Candle of Love

Thank you for the kind words and positive energy, here

I really appreciate your deep review of this poem

When poetry ideas pop in my head, they ignite like a brush-fire

If you have any concrete ideas/examples to improve this poem, please let me know

If necessary, please take this poem to revise and edit, making improvements, to show me the

Overall, this this is a good poem, with great potential

Keep sharing


| Posted on 2008-04-26 21:38:38 | by FireFly747 - [ Reply to This ] -
well, surely i appreciate the thought you've given a piece of my writing, tonight. the amazing thing about that poem, and about that girl, is that, from time to time, i still talk with her, i still know her, and she still knows me. i wonder if i will ever know someone, like i knew her, or know her even now (even though we have both surely changed). i suppose, in response to your comment about it not being a 'typical' boy meets girl love poem, i had grown so tired about writing what i felt so strongly about, and being rejected for the content. people dont want to hear romeo and juliet all over again, they want new poetry, they want nature and hunger and invention...yet, i dont understand how anything could be more compelling to explain than one's emotions for their other, their one significant other, the one that inspires them to want to tell others. so, while most of what i write may be of mere love, it is gratifying to think there is at least one other out there who can appreciate the context for what it is. thanks.

| Posted on 2008-04-16 22:27:40 | by wonderbread1000 - [ Reply to This ] -
i appreciate your taking the time to read one of my posts. there have been a lot of views and opinions i have not heard any response of until today, so, again, thank you.

as for the poem, it attempted to describe a past relationship, one which ended more than once in my mind, her mind, both our which still continues today, as it refuses to forget the moments together. the trouble with love is, as i was trying to explain, is that we may try to make something work which was never meant to be...and, once departed down a path of promise, how difficult it can be to look back, or turn back. we all have a destiny, a reason for things which happen in our lives, and there are no is not an excuse, though, at times, its not the reason why. this is the basis for what i wrote.

again, i sincerely appreciate your taking the time to comment. i look forward to reading and discussing other thoughts in the near future.

| Posted on 2008-04-16 21:08:18 | by wonderbread1000 - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you so much for the comment, it was obvious you really understood it.
| Posted on 2008-02-21 16:25:16 | by freddybuzzkill - [ Reply to This ] -
Re: spacedust. It's interesting that you saw this as a 'dark' poem. I don't write 'dark' poems. The little death refers only to sleep. This is my only try at abstract poetry, so the variety of interpretations is interesting to me.

Thanks for your comment and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. mae
| Posted on 2006-09-25 00:00:00 | by mae - [ Reply to This ] -

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