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Kamerin Brown

Name: Kamerin Brown
ASL: 20 / M / CO
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Days Away: 3480
Life Story: I'm a musician.
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Understanding (Another Side Of Me)

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Thanks for commenting on my piece... I can't remember what it was called when you commented, maybe 'Meeting Melancholy'? Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

| Posted on 2009-10-09 18:12:12 | by AlyRose - [ Reply to This ] -
Wow. Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate someone who gives so many words. And now that I think about it the line would flow a lot nicer if "wasn't" was separated. Again, thank you! : )
| Posted on 2009-10-09 17:59:36 | by Rayelyn - [ Reply to This ] -
still hanging in there?
| Posted on 2007-05-23 20:29:32 | by silent_death12 - [ Reply to This ] -
Can't remember if i thanked you...So I'll do it again. Thank you for your thoughts on my poetry.
| Posted on 2007-01-23 21:58:00 | by chilz - [ Reply to This ] -
I believe that the pathedic "emo" kids should listen to the song Get over it by The Eagles. This [censored] has been going on for too long and its just stupid. Thanks for the comment. :)
| Posted on 2007-01-23 17:38:42 | by RayneDownAsh - [ Reply to This ] -
Eep! I hadn't even noticed that someone had reviewed! Even though it was a week ago, thank you for your review on my poem "Why?". I appreciate it very much and I will probably get around to editing the end soon... hopefully...
| Posted on 2007-01-22 05:20:58 | by SirensSong - [ Reply to This ] -

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