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Keaton Volkov

Name: Zach Reneau
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Another Untitled Piece of Crap

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Oh my God

Mood: Straightening things out...
I haven't posted anything in months.
And I forgot this site even existed...
Well, my fire is rekindled, and I'm back to fighting the powers that be, if anyone's wondering.
For now, the beast is awakened, and I'm back.

...Created 2009-06-17 23:16:37     [ View Past Journals ]

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Featured: Another Untitled Piece of Crap

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I'm glad you read the comment and appreciate it, and I highly appreciate your response. I hope to see more impacting work from you in the future. I would definitely like to engage you in a discussion at some point; I find you intriguing by default for your use of Russian language, only dually so for your philosophy. Keep in touch.
| Posted on 2009-07-10 18:02:02 | by UnderINK - [ Reply to This ] -
Given that I've more time to write now, hopefully I can think of something more constructive. I can't, unfortunately, pass on a public comment to your work I read, so forgive me for doing it here. Firstly, I noticed the structure, which was jumbled and unconventional. In a way, the very structure you used was anarchist. The method to the madness was intriguing in finding that there were examples of structure within the lack of structure, and that's almost precisely a reflection of your philosophy itself. It was very powerful that you not only accused the government of lying, but did it in another language---and, at that, a language belonging to the people that 'our' government has most feared for a long time. In this way, even with only the understanding that the word, regardless of its meaning, is Russian, you've already struck a cord with any American reader that what you have written is a revolution in words---because as they know, the red nation stands for beauty and revolution, for change of thought and tumultuous overthrow of inferior government. As for the journal entry I see? Disappointing. The mere concept of revolution fails in the face of giving up. The only way for a revolution to succeed is, in fact, when facing defeat, to keep pushing relentlessly. It is only through that that such changes can occur. Interestingly, in the modern American government we DO see such minute but present changes. We see the American economy striving for change when facing this recession, and we see the solutions being suggested reflecting a very socialist nature. No, it isn't anarchy. It isn't what you're fighting for. But, although I don't personally support anarchy, any thought is as valid as mine. There is a realization here that the jump from capitalism and practical despotism in America to total anarchy is too far a jump in a single step, and so it is even more important for people with such extreme solutions to not give up, else the extra steps will never be reached. Socialism, being a negotiation between the capitalist and communist philosophies, isn't so far a cry and that's why it's being more easily reached out to. Perhaps, if it is too far a cry, you could rethink your position into something more achievable for humanity. But, at any rate, *giving up* isn't an option. History shows that "the man" wins battles, as I said before. But when you look closer at history's bigger picture, you see that the victories outweigh the losses. That's why Rome fell. That's why the Dark Ages ended. That's why the Russian monarchy collapsed. That's why America "lost" Vietnam despite their military superiority. It is for one reason that, as an aspiring or prospective revolutionary, you need to realize that the only thing guaranteed in the world is change. Even life to death is only fundamentally a simple and inevitable change. For an empire as young as America's with already such problems stemming from capitalism (which people who study other forms of government understand is also inevitable for competitive economy), it's obvious that change is a breath away. It is your "duty" or "job" as a free thinker, as a liberator of human cognition, to keep swaying that spinning top until it falls in your favor. In the end, if your method of thinking is superior, it will succeed, and that is that. Humans naturally work toward solutions that fit, but they tend to make a lot of mistakes on the way. Those that think light years ahead must wait for their peers to catch up. The world works together in that way; it's never a single person that changes things. And, also, "the man" keeping you down is only a demonstration of why things must change. Use it to your advantage and use that defeat as an example; turn it into a victory. In a way it's a form of martyrdom. Sometimes that's what the world needs. That's why it clings so tight to Jesus.
| Posted on 2008-12-04 19:18:37 | by UnderINK - [ Reply to This ] -
I'll give you a more . . . constructive comment later. I have something to say about your featured piece and your journal, so I'll put it here, but not at the moment. I'd like to make it more thoughtful and less rushed. At any rate, I stopped on your page because I noticed your surname, Volkov, and read the featured piece and knew, of course,immediately, that your anarchist ideals stem obviously from a Slavic influence. Giving up isn't admirable, however. I'll say for the moment that just because you don't win battles doesn't mean you won't win the war. And the opposite is true---those who win battles don't always win the war. There are unseen complexities in politics and thought. I'm not pro-anarchy, I'm pro-socialism, but I won't quit fighting the capitalist despot even with my face in the dirt. Nor the lying American government and their classified documents and non-consensual radioactivity tests on people. If you have something to say, say it. But I'll say more later, I'm rushed.
| Posted on 2008-12-04 14:21:07 | by UnderINK - [ Reply to This ] -
Oh, you rebel you

Glad you got something out of it.

Beat -is- dying (if not already dead)... I'm not going to get into my views on the matter. Maybe one night we'll huddle close over a bottle of vodka. But until then, I'll just chuckle and you'll chuckle and we'll know stuff we can't say.

This site's turned into a bit of a [censored]hole. If you'd been here a few years ago, you probably would have gotten *even better* comments.

To be honest, the title is what made me read it. Or maybe I'm just too fond of self-deprecation.
| Posted on 2008-11-12 22:33:36 | by etheror - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you for the comment on Penny Lane.

| Posted on 2008-05-07 10:06:22 | by scarz - [ Reply to This ] -
Sorry about your friend. i hope everything turns out fine for him.I am also a foster child and i know what it is like to lose it all. Just tell your friend that their not alone.

thanks for your comment. i will change the last line.

| Posted on 2008-02-19 07:23:16 | by Magger32 - [ Reply to This ] -

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