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Name: Krysti Blah
ASL: still not wiser
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Days Away: 2300
Life Story: Seesaw
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17.46 Years 1.75 Quote:
"I really screwed up this time." -Jeffrey Dahmer

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I have just read all of your poems... i loved them all. you are a very good writer.
| Posted on 2008-03-09 20:52:14 | by Magger32 - [ Reply to This ] -
okay, i just re-did my poem, check it out.

" )

| Posted on 2008-03-09 20:40:39 | by Magger32 - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for commenting on this write. i haven't written anything for awhile now so i'm kind of rusty. i will try to spend more time on this poem, so check it out later. (soon).


| Posted on 2008-03-09 20:36:05 | by Magger32 - [ Reply to This ] -
*looks at journal entry*

Mmmm, I'm as shallow as the gene-pool, anymore...

A vague representation of depth, but then- I'm sure you're well aware of that...

Does pride really come before the fall if modesty is a virtue???

I'm the boy that people love to label!
I'm emo and generic!
I'm common-place.
I'm a young, hot stud who has his whole life ahead of him! Hahaha!!! Oh, gods- I laughed so hard I spit up soda-pop!!!

Here's to Cherry 7-Up and vodka and Jello-shots and vodka and Pepsi and still more vodka and a delicious salad!!!

8AM? Well- if you've been drunk since 9PM why not keep it up???

My philosophy is; don't be a quitter! -Finish what you start!!!
| Posted on 2008-03-09 06:59:14 | by Ceyx - [ Reply to This ] -
Yes, I not only like- I LOVE stuff...

By the way, I chewed that dude out good for that lame-ass comment. *sigh* I make friends everywhere I go... (I love that I still hurt their heads too)

Thanks, first and foremost, for the comment on The Cross...

I was very glad to hear from you.
You know, even I can go back and read my own shyte a few times and still go "ahhhh- that's a new take on it..."

It's like I can go into a trance when I write- and it's not even drug induced!!! *i swear!*

You are dead on in your review. However- I am not the one being seduced. Rather, I am Lucifer... Or at least I'd like to think so in reference to this post...

And, yes- NEVER second guess!

Love is a perception... And perception is NEVER a reality...
No matter how you view your beliefs- there is a common higher plane... I don't know what all the fuss is about. All answers lie in the void... That's where Heaven lies- the empty space in the center of The Universe...

Hel is just the absence of "gods" sight... -His light...

Hahaha, and to think I was an Alter-Boy... *no priests touched me in the making of my life*
| Posted on 2008-03-09 05:11:12 | by Ceyx - [ Reply to This ] -
Well, poke away! ...maybe you'll write again.

| Posted on 2008-03-07 21:23:52 | by Ceyx - [ Reply to This ] -

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