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Name: Corbin Henderson
ASL: 18/male/az
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Life Story: I live for myself
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This Price I Pay

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Mood: The Usual
It is such a glorious occurrence when your love and adoration for something can grow from where you previously thought that no growth was possible. It is similar to a mother grasping her newborn child in her arms knowing that she could love her child no more, because surely the human heart cannot contain such quantity of emotion; only to wake the following morning to realize what she previously felt was shadowed by her newfound love. This is what has happened to me, in a way. I thought that I had given all I could to my music. I had nothing left to offer, I had laid my heart on the line and my music had always been there, always loving me even more.
I sat in the practice room today, sweat dripping from my brow, working harder than I ever had before, when a realization hit me that what I felt was only the tip of a glacier in the ocean. While still enormous in itself, it does not even compare to what is below. Today I discovered what it is below me; I fell in love with music again. The experience revived me and made me whole again.
For some time I had been questioning why I played music. Why I would give so much into something, without promise that it will work out. I found the answer today. The truth is, it is because I can everything I have to my craft, and that won’t ever be enough. Everything I give to my love, it can give back to me. And yes, it can be frustrating, just like any relationship. The difference is however, that as long as I have faith in my music, it will never let me down. I have poured every part of who I am into this relationship, to the point that we cannot be differentiated. And right now I would have it no other way.

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Hello Corbin

Thank you for commenting on a poem from a while back. It's very much appreciated.

Take care,
| Posted on 2008-11-21 18:58:58 | by vohomegirl - [ Reply to This ] -
heya Corbin -

re: tea

I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I think I am cursed with the simple. Unfortunately, I know no other way to write. And so it is. (smile).

muchas gracias
| Posted on 2008-11-03 22:41:43 | by isabella - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment on Day Chasers. I was probably making my last attempt at uploading a fitting picture when you wrote. It's there now...
Thanks again for taking time to write.
| Posted on 2008-10-21 15:25:52 | by KimmyMim - [ Reply to This ] -
You really have never heard that quote before!?!?

I was kidding about Grampa Walton (though for all I know it could be). I can't believe you have nevere herad that before.
| Posted on 2008-10-20 20:40:03 | by nicodemous - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you
| Posted on 2008-10-15 16:11:32 | by rubymoon - [ Reply to This ] -

Thanks for your honest review on Innocence Ruined! :) Constructive critism is always great. I know; it doesn't sound like something that someone would say, but in the case of that specific character--it is something she would say!

xD She's a drama queen, but, perhaps, I should play it down a bit.

And, yes, I do have a tendency to over-detail! Thanks again!

| Posted on 2008-10-14 21:55:49 | by SweetAndOhSoME - [ Reply to This ] -

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