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Name: Emily Swetland
ASL: 25/F/PA
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Days Away: 5549
Life Story: Adventurous
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15.22 Years 1.52 Quote:
Because I've got those Lucky Charms

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hey secret lover... thanks for the comments on and favorite addition of my poem The Sacred Cow... its one of my favorites too and i am glad you enjoyed it... yes i know i am an amazing person and just you dont forget it... anyways... i cant wait to read your first post... i hope its a good one... hehe
PEACE and LOVE, gregory
| Posted on 2007-06-04 23:38:54 | by geherald - [ Reply to This ] -
hey [censored]... you should at least post something so i can come here and rip it apart... hehe...
i will see you in about an hour and your cousin better have alcohol at this party for you, or we'll have to stop and get some somewhere... not like you will see this before you get to my house, since you are already one your way here, but i thought i would be the first and only person to leave a message on your wall...

PEACE Bitche, I'm out like a fat girl in dodge ball...
| Posted on 2007-06-02 15:18:04 | by geherald - [ Reply to This ] -

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