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Name: Katlyn Burd
ASL: 18-female-PA.
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Days Away: 4483
Life Story: Pain is gain.
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16.05 Years 1.6 Quote:
"We R who we want to be, but not everyone is happy with themselves all the time.. either way A"It's all good".

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Mood: At War
The world fades away,
My breath, it is gone.
I had wished for this time and time again,
and now it's come.

Darkness settles over me,
But I still feel this pain.
It seems, i cannot live, i cannot die,
I stand drowning in the rain.

Trapped within myself;
In this battle against time,
My body is my holding cell,
as I do another line.

Land mines go off,Shattering in my head,
making my speech,
un comprehensive
I can't rememeber what I said.

I stand looking in the mirror,
but all I see is you.
You're the ghost of love; what I could have had,
If only i had loved you too.

...Created 2010-02-24 23:43:27     [ View Past Journals ]

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 Flash Back
:|| V: 1903 | C: 5 ||:
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:|| V: 1747 | C: 2 ||:
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 "The tree's whispering spirits"
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 "The feeling of love"
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 “The fallen tears of an angel”
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 "Dreaming of oceans".
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 “The gay / BI girl”
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 "life turns to sex".
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 So hard not to cry
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::Depressed : Class : Poetry :
 "She has been through hell".
:|| V: 1213 | C: 2 ||:
::The pain inside : Class : Poetry :
 "Trust in the RED CROSS"
:|| V: 1212 | C: 1 ||:
::Cutting or Mutilation : Class : Poetry :
 "My choice to love".
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::Love : Class : Poetry :
 “Mother’s UN-sympathetic love”.
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 Gothic Girl:
:|| V: 1174 | C: 2 ||:
::Cutting or Mutilation : Class : Poetry :
 "An Addiction"
:|| V: 1171 | C: 2 ||:
::Love : Class : Poetry :
 "pain is life, as life is love".
:|| V: 1123 | C: 2 ||:
::Depressed : Class : Poetry :
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My cell is on. 973-919-7709. I dont want to drive you away by bothering you but id love to here from you. I have pictures of Everlin, shes perfect. She has your cute little nose! Pix are on my facebook, Isle and my parents have copies too, no one is causing trouble.
| Posted on 2010-08-10 13:56:09 | by lobisch123 - [ Reply to This ] -
Miss you so much im a wreck. Been smoking 50 cigars a week for two months. Dont want to add to your stress. Just need to know you ane Everlin are alright. Phone is off, bewteen jobs. I have Meadow's cell till mine turns on, 9086196469. Mine will be on within the week. Not expecting to here from you cuz i know rumors are flying. Did have a lawyer for custody but once DYFUS/State closed case i figured we were safe so i closed it.

I LOVE You Kat and my lil angel.
| Posted on 2010-07-25 14:49:57 | by lobisch123 - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey. I know you havent been on since you ran but im hoping you check this account soon. The cops said that right now there arent any charges against you but if anything happens to Everlin there will be. They also told me that DYFS is going to use this as proof you arent fit to be a parent and they will try to take her. I have one of the cops, Paul Bate, on my side with things. I hired a lawyer ($1200) to fight DYFS. His name is Robert Rosenbaum and he works through Family Solutions/Family Law Outcomes. Im aiming the case to get full custody until the courts decide you are capable of raising her. If it works as planned I want to live together so we can both raise her. I figure this is the safest way we can keep her from foster care. I hope your not mad at me for this but im trying to do what i can for all three of us. Once they deem you suitable to take care of her and once you get your GED/License and a job then ill sign custody over to you. I hope your doing well and i really wish you would contact me. Ive been dreaming about both you and our daughter alot. I Love You Both. Ive been thinking about us maybe getting back together? I want to know how you feel about the idea. Im looking forward to seeing you both again. Keep my little angel safe and tell her that her daddy loves her.

| Posted on 2010-05-03 10:12:34 | by lobisch123 - [ Reply to This ] -
Heyy. I doubt your going to check any of your online accounts, everyone is looking for you. I wish you had at least told me you were going to run before you booked. Im worried about my little angel and hope you are keeping her safe. I need you to know that i CANT support this. Im giving the detective all the information he NEEDS. I told him that I know your most likely with your aunt, grandparents, Brittany or Brooke; so its pointless to try hiding until June. They already contacted everyone i listed and all your friends. They talked to Meadow, Scar, Ray, Ambre, Joe, Isle, All your other friends from Blairstown and anyone they know youve been in contact with. Im going to keep helping them try to find you but only because i love you and our daughter. I know you will be mad at me but DONT FORGET WHAT I SAID, I may not always know whats best but TRUST ME. I Love you and our little angel.


-P.S---I wish youd call me or message me but i know you know they are watching every move i make.
| Posted on 2010-04-08 13:41:32 | by lobisch123 - [ Reply to This ] -
Thankyou for your thoughts on "Pointless".
I am glad you liked it. :]

| Posted on 2010-02-02 13:01:36 | by xxiknownowxx - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks .. :)
| Posted on 2009-11-29 03:02:34 | by Little Gal - [ Reply to This ] -

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