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Medieval Aztec

Name: Orlando Doe
ASL: 20/M/IL
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For Rachel

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Mood: At War

I know that I hardly get anyone in my site here, but never the less I want to do something different. I see that most submissions on this site are poems but I hardly ever see storys in here. I think that people hardly write storys in here for a reason. One is that it may take to long and take up to much space for anyone to wanna read and second people might just not wanna submit it and have it bash terribly. But Ill at least give it a try todays date is 1/07/05 I will make it a goal to complete part one of my story in 1-2 weeks so expect a new subbmission by 1-14-05 or 1-21-05. Depending on the feed back that i get on it I will see if a second part of the story will be neccessary or not. Thank you
To Whom It May Concwern

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