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Thanks for your comment on addiction free :D Im glad you could enjoy it and even apply it to your own addiction :D
| Posted on 2012-02-04 19:17:59 | by stormyskies - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you for your comment. NIghtmares are certainly difficult to deal with but I feel a way in which our mind helps us to deal with things..thanks again
| Posted on 2012-02-04 19:17:10 | by stormyskies - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you so much for your comments..will come back to read your new one tomorrow :)
| Posted on 2012-02-02 11:30:53 | by stormyskies - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks so much for your feedback id love you to read the one i am about to post when you have time...written in very short time and still to look at it again in the morning :) i will read more of yours then too..thanks again
| Posted on 2011-12-19 07:03:05 | by stormyskies - [ Reply to This ] -
i promise the money will go to pizza. not sure i am ready to trade you my address yet.
| Posted on 2011-11-05 21:24:08 | by stellartotem - [ Reply to This ] -
can you pay for my pizza addiction?
| Posted on 2011-11-05 17:50:25 | by stellartotem - [ Reply to This ] -

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