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randomness is random

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Thank you for your thoughts on shallow(better than me). I realize it is a work in progress, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it and leave your thoughts.

Have a great night.
| Posted on 2008-06-01 00:49:02 | by Celeste J. Bell - [ Reply to This ] -
After the formating was done the poem held itself much better and the idea stood out much more, I'm glad you didn't just take my comment at face value.

| Posted on 2008-05-30 18:32:39 | by obsidiandreams - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for the comment on "A Card Dealt". And thanks also for the add to your favorites.
| Posted on 2008-04-29 13:59:46 | by BeautifulSoul - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you for the comment..i greatly appreciate's nice to hear that someone understands that part of the poem..when i write..i don't really write..i speak it out loud and then write it down..i don't ever really think about how it's being read because that depends on the person reading it..yes it says the same thing but everynoe reads it completely diffrent..everybody gets their own thoughts and feeling or relations out of it...i appreciate that you took the time to rad it...but to tell you the truth..i wanted to write something..and i had nothing to write i started writing something and finished with was just an experimental poem
| Posted on 2008-02-12 20:14:58 | by taintedsmiles - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you for your comments on "Infidelity." I agree with you on the marriage thing - probably have a bit more insight.

Have a good day,
Cirruculum (TK)
| Posted on 2008-02-07 17:24:58 | by Cirruculum - [ Reply to This ] -
Glad you liked my re-arrangement of things. Thanks for stopping by to re-review :)
| Posted on 2008-02-05 14:10:51 | by Intricate1 - [ Reply to This ] -

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