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Name: Simon -----
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Mood: The Usual
Now that this is all over.
I bid farewell to the few.
I bid farewell to the end of days.
I hope you all enjoy life and to the one who finally understands how precious it is.
If you feel i'm the one to blame. Then blame me. I do not mind harrassment. I tried what i could and it wouldn't go through.

For now, I can atleast sleep well. Well, well enough that I have no worries other than work.

Au revoir and Goodnight.

Always did wanna go out with a bang . Ha.

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much love <3

| Posted on 2010-02-19 23:08:21 | by Black Angel - [ Reply to This ] -
God damn you and abbie's [censored] journal entries are spamming my pms. Chill it out please
Ich Liebe Dich

| Posted on 2010-01-27 11:59:40 | by Black Angel - [ Reply to This ] -
I love you so much, and I'm so sorry for everything I've put you through. I'll love you and always will. I can't take this anymore. You are my everything, and when my everything doesn't want me... what's the point?

I'm gone.
Nothing more from me. Ever again.
Be happy.
You got what you wanted.
A happy life.
| Posted on 2010-01-25 15:03:00 | by smexybabe0101 - [ Reply to This ] -
It didn't help at all Simon.

I won't be able to get strong. Breathing hurts. Thinking hurts. I have started crying in every class today. Just thinking about you.

Your words don't help. I'm sorry. Nobodies words help. No words can help me. Except for three from you.

But I don't expect those words. I need them though. I'm not going to lie.
| Posted on 2010-01-25 12:51:39 | by smexybabe0101 - [ Reply to This ] -
I love you.
Please don't ignore me.
Please talk to me...
| Posted on 2010-01-24 06:08:44 | by smexybabe0101 - [ Reply to This ] -
Here's a song for the nights
I think too much and
Here's a song when I imagine us together
Here's a song for when we talk too much
And I forget my words

Heaven can wait up high in the sky
It's you and i
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes
I'm yours tonight
Lay your heart next to mine
I feel so alive
Tell me you want me to stay, forever
'cause heaven can wait

<3 :]
| Posted on 2010-01-13 03:55:08 | by smexybabe0101 - [ Reply to This ] -

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