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Solomon Disease

Name: Sol
ASL: 101, male, earth
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So I just went to see Deadpool.

How ru.
I was withholding my comments on your newest piece until I figure out what the link is about.
| Posted on 2016-02-19 22:37:44 | by lori_tab - [ Reply to This ] -
I'm jealous jaz spammed you with emoticons. I hate snow to except small doses. It pays to live in Texas. =-)
| Posted on 2016-02-19 22:03:50 | by jaycee - [ Reply to This ] -
Ps I hope you are doing alright...

| Posted on 2016-01-19 22:46:32 | by lori_tab - [ Reply to This ] -
I have missed you. I was happy to see that you stopped by. There are a few active members, for me things fluctuate.

Yes, wow, children are really good for inspiration. It is a state of being more than a feeling of unconditional love. Like who I have always been was unlocked in this child. It is amazing, nothing comparable.

Man I am tired. I want to say more.but my brain is sluggish. I guess the point is that I hope you don't wonder to far away, I feel like there are those of us that are the foundation of this place and if we all stood our ground and kept each other encouraged by commenting and posting something greater would come of that.
| Posted on 2016-01-19 22:42:37 | by lori_tab - [ Reply to This ] -
Re; Resuscitation
What is a kids but a prelude to making love...well at least the passionate ones.
| Posted on 2015-08-15 00:02:50 | by jaycee - [ Reply to This ] -
That's true. I hope all is well!
| Posted on 2015-07-19 22:04:27 | by lori_tab - [ Reply to This ] -

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