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Teboho Mochaoa

Name: T Mochaoa
ASL: 21/M/Lesotho
Website:[ Education ]
Days Away: 5323
Life Story: Poetry saved me
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17.65 Years 1.77 Quote:
'I sing the wind, Dust of my soul,' from a poem: Where He Lay, by Sejake Mats'ela.

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Music of Darkened Rhythms

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Souls of Poetry

Mood: The Usual
After I discovered the "Poet in me", my whole life began to change immediately; I felt the power of poetry inside me. I learnt to love myself and the world around me. I became fearless in doing certain things that I was afraid to do, like having that audacity to handle my pains and fears; seeing the beauty of nature and what "she" offers. Honestly speaking, Poetry saved my soul!!!

At the moment, I`m living this life of Poetry and I`m enjoying every moment of it. I have my friends who are also into Poetry and Hip-Hop and there is that extraordinary and amazing bond that exist between us. We share our poetry and our lives; we understand each other!

There is this sister of mine named Ntaoleng Ramalitse (whom I`ve dedicated the poem "Disease of agony" to) and her poetry is so powerful and stunning. I was even compelled to write a personality profile article about her. Also, there are this brothers, Thabang Lento (who inspired me a lot), Ntsokoane and Retselisitsoe. We usually host "Poetry Sessions" and they are so lively.Wow,there is again a brother of mine called Sejake Mat`sela, who is a fine artist and his poetry is just fine;elegant! He is now doing Film History in South Africa and some of his works are available on a site:

I`m planning to come up with my own "Poetry Anthology" that will basically feature some of their works. Elite Skills is a destination I`ve been looking for; it is just so good.

One love, Poets Souls!

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Hi Teboho, how are you?
Haven't spoken in a while - much news on the poetry front of late?
Hope all is good in teboho world!
NM x
| Posted on 2007-02-05 16:31:07 | by Natalia Murray - [ Reply to This ] -

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