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Name: Devon Sullivan
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Our own power

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Mood: Thinking...
I haven't logged on here since 2012, not sure why I even update....

I'm 20 years old about to turn 21. I moved out on my own with Scott my boyfriend of almost 3 years.
Still working the same job....more or less.
Had to put my beloved 4 legged best friend of 15 years down last May. Rp trouble.

Not much else is new......
With love.

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Just because this was our special place. How are you?
| Posted on 2012-09-05 16:38:37 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -
Mom is ok I guess, Kelly is ridiculous, he called me a little [censored] a few weeks back and my mom defended him and then I said some things to her that it has taken me a really long time to say. She cried a bit, begged me to come home. I refuse to be treated the way I was in middle school. Still the same house, they're moving next year I think, this house is finaly falling apart. I don't remember Dani but I remember Billie. I'm glad you are so happy with Jeremy and I suppose it was only a matter of time before your dad hit you. I don't get to go to the races often because of Anthony, I refuse to leave him with a babysitter since he could get hurt so easily. Even crawling has bruises all over his elbows, well attempting to crawl. Last I went was for his birthday, I'm going to attempt to go again soon though, I'm antsy and I love the races. My 16th, 17th, and 18th birthdays were nothing special at all, I was sad my 18th being pregnant and about to pop I had like a week and half to go and was having bad chest pains because Anthony was so huge. When he came out he was already wearing 3 month old clothes lol, dunno how I went full term. I haven't even told Jeremy I'm talking to you, I'd prefer myspace if you don't mind to tell you the truth he doesn't like this website at all and I only really wanted to come on here to make amends with a few people, which I have done.
He's crying, I'm off.

| Posted on 2009-02-03 15:51:20 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -
Sounds good, young and dumb. I hardly ever even think of Chelsea Watson to tell you the truth. I heard lil Ariel was doing more than coke, that most of the time she didn't even recognize most people. I'm upset that I lost touch with her she was going through so much at the time and really needed people around her that weren't on drugs. I've lived in so many apartments in the last 3 years, after I left school I might as well have moved out and in with Ryan, Jeremy, Krystea, Nate, and this girl Candy. A lot of people for a 2 bed house lol, we rotated nights on the couch. Shit got too deep with Ken and we all left Ryan on his own (that's when James moved in) Took care of Slim and Hiedi(you may know them) kicked them out. And then My stepsister Alva moved down from North Florida. She's is completely retarded, I've never met someone so dumb in my life but I really tried to get her on her feet, got her a job, moved her in with me. And then it went down hill, she has a thing for men older than her dad. ew, they're usually fat. ew. Got pregnant, broke up with Jeremy, got back together with Jeremy, and we've both been living with my mom since July I think. I hate it, I want to leave again. I loved living on my own. I never see anyone anymore now that I can't work. Anthony is almost 4 months, he's about ot start crawling. That's the most exciting thing in my life right now lol. It's been pretty straight forward for me since highschool though, work, pay the bills, have a baby, pay more bills.

| Posted on 2009-02-02 23:16:45 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -
Anthony is awesome lol some of the things he does baffle me, like getting to the kitchen by himself even though he can't crawl when I'm not looking. I still think it's bizzare, you meeting James out of the blue and dating him not as bizzare as you and Jeremy Miller. Last I heard of him he dropped out to join the army and then they wouldn't take him because he dropped out, he was working at Chipotle's then. For a long time no one said anything about you, and I didn't ask. I wonder now if it was because you were with Green or they knew I didn't want to hear it. I know who she is I've never met her though. people talk about the way she treats her kid that's about it though. I never really felt the urge to compete with you after everything, if I had then it would have taken me longer to get over everything. I wonder about everyone now, from middle school I mean. Crystal, lil Ariel (not so much big Ariel), John Ross (I think I heard somewhere he married Candii, did not see that one coming). I still talk to my T.V prod teacher lol
I miss middle school, nothing mattered then except which high school I was gonna go to.
I went mildly crazy freshman year, that's why I left. Between the bull[censored] with Ken, Tiffany always being in my face, not really having any friends anymore, and flunking everything but tech I started screaming one night and beating everything. No one ever said anything and I never told so it's not like anyone knew why I left, I mean for real. I couldn't take seeing you happy everyday when I was miserable, we used to be miserable together. I graduated though lol 12/27/07. Now I'm in school for the most boring thing ever.

| Posted on 2009-02-01 16:08:21 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -
One more thing. It was something I was told and they way we changed at the same time. It was the way I thought you didn't care anymore and that I felt like you thought he was more important. I cried for you. I used to wish it didn't matter but it did. It doesn't anymore, not really, just that the only person I can remember is the one who I chose over lil Ariel when it came to choosing highschool. The person who left the first graffiti on the Loop wall with me. I cried when I saw that after about a year of not speaking lol, with Josh Champagne's ex-girlfriend. I remember Ron Weasley and the room that glowed pink. English class, Romeo and Juliet, talking on Eliteskills and feeling special because big Ariel wasn't apart of this. I wish I could remember my old password. I wish I could go back sometimes, maybe do things different, figure a way to keep you AND Jeremy. Kind of stupid but like I said I never quit loving you even when I hated you, I was just to stubborn to admit we were both wrong and not just you. I was too stubborn to admit that we were best friends.
| Posted on 2009-02-01 02:57:13 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -
Yeah I kind of realized it was Miller.
I always loved you Becky, even when I hated you and if you ever want some spiritual support I'm here for you. Sometimes I'm sad that things can't go back to the way they were but then I remember that everything turned out the way it should. I hope you do whatever makes you happy and that if you do get married it is a wonderful life for you. You're right I bet it wouldn't be too hard to break into. : ).

| Posted on 2009-02-01 02:46:33 | by SDodson - [ Reply to This ] -

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