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Name: Chris Berman
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Jelly Beans

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Mood: The Usual
Normally, I don't name names, but lately, I've noticed a surprising amount of arrogance on the site. In one instance (Shaqua1973), the author does not particularly like my criticism (worded as tactfully as I can manage), and decides to degrade my ability as an author rather than take my words to heart. However, the question is raised. What is a poem? Is it a poem just because the author calls it such? Do loose, unconnected phrases that are thrown together actually constitute a poem, if no sense can be made of it? I don't think so, and I commented on Shaqua's "poem" for this. His reply can be found in my comment till, in which he effectively states that I have no skill as a writer. Oddly, his journal also comments upon writers who have no ability, an obvious allusion to his thoughts on me. It really is sad to think that a writer would be so insecure in his work, and so secure in his ability, when the true writer realizes that his work is always flawed, just in varying degrees. The true test of character is whether or not this person can field constructive, tactful criticism that might tell him the hard truth about his pieces. Sad to say, in this case, he couldn't.

In the second instance, I was blasted by another member (acommoncold) for my comment to another user. This instance is particularly odd, because my comment to the other user is blatantly positive, with the only negative issues being minor details, such as capitalization. In fact, I'm lambasted for being a "<BLEEP>-ing Elitist" who tries to impose my outdated stylistic preferences on other people, in this case, a reference to my preference for capitalization of the first letter of every line. Yet, in my comment, I clearly state that this is only my personal preference. In fact, I say that the lower-case idea in her poem is a strong idea, and should be followed more uniformly throughout. It is sad that someone, who doesn't even know who I am, would curse at me and insult me for my viewpoints on poetry, considering I have studied the craft for a number of years.

Overall, it's sad to see two writers too closed-minded to actually see what is going on. A shame, really. Is it worth closing your mind in order to make yourself look right on the Internet? Is confrontation necessary to bolster your self-esteem, and justify the idea that you're right even if someone else thinks you might be wrong?

A true shame.


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well Chris, I felt no harm in your comment, it's your thoughts on it, that is what I asked for and that is what you gave me, My friend byacommoncold, just really doesn't like that but it bothered me none so don't feel bad about anything. you didn't do anything wrong.

| Posted on 2006-09-17 00:00:00 | by Fadingperson - [ Reply to This ] -
oh thank you, there was a point to some of the 'poetic burps'. Like sounds of the sun, think about it, we live by the sun, rise with it, fall with it, survive on it. Like when we say things like, " I live to the beat of my heart," it's like that. So...well, thank you so much for commenting, it meant alot to me.

*x* Twisted
| Posted on 2006-09-16 00:00:00 | by Twisted - [ Reply to This ] -
Apreciated the comments, and i agree with you fully on them, though, the poem if you will call it that, is not directed to be serious at all, but a mere muse at deaths cold heart...the aabb rhyming scheme is something ive always favored, and have kinda adapted it in what i guess could be called "my own style of writting" reviewing the rest of my poetry im sure you would see this function in them all, or for the most part all of them, but you comments are apreciated, and after rereading this i do see flaws in the flow that need to be thank you :) much apreciated, i always injoy a good critique of my poetry.
| Posted on 2006-09-15 00:00:00 | by fallenone - [ Reply to This ] -

Hello, and thank you for your beautiful comment on my piece "Hearth". I, also, appreicate you adding it to your favorites. I rarely see a person with such a fine set of anaylzing skills as I observed in your sleep for tonight. Please Remind me if I forget. Thank you, again.

Yours Truly,
| Posted on 2006-09-15 00:00:00 | by Aruemos - [ Reply to This ] -
MPD is multiple personality disorder, or know medically now as disasociative disorder and tyler durden is both literary and television. he is a charecter from a book called "Fight Club"
| Posted on 2006-09-06 00:00:00 | by Briannan - [ Reply to This ] -
Ah. Thank-you, very very much. The truth of the fact is that highschool and extracurriculars can keep a person high on their toes (haha, as I'm positive you know), and poem-writing has been a way to vent lately instead of a thing to enjoy and do solely for itself. I'm glad such vents can still be liked.

I appreciate your remarks, especially the note about the elipses right at the end: after having re-read it, I have to say, the note made a lot fo sense and added a point of indefinate 'finality' to a poem where the line should have been drawn crisply AS WELL as erased crisply.

...Heavens, I just woke up and it's three... Hah, that's what you get. Thank-you: I hope I can return the favor back to you sometime: I'll look around and check in soon.

| Posted on 2006-09-17 00:00:00 | by Imari - [ Reply to This ] -

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