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    Mood: The Usual
    Exquisite delight came upon me, quietly, gently with every breath.
    It is more than I deserve, the whole meaning of life in one package.
    There is no need to ask why, there is no need to ask, what's next?
    Delight is sufficient unto itself, delight is self sufficient.

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    Well put. As a published lyricist I have a similar "track" dynamic in how I view the creative process. No critique=no growth. I just thought having other individuals more closely working on a project would be vital and literacy is a requirement. But yes, doing things for there own sake, quite the fortunate position, condradulations to you on that. I appreciate your honest response. If I manage to create an AI-personality to your constructive likeness i might leave you an easteregg or call it Torie. Something of that nature if you are OK with it. But I appreciate your honesty. may I ask what these things for there own sake are? Out of personal/non business related interest alone?
    | Posted on 2015-10-17 23:01:47 | by cornonthekob - [ Reply to This ] -
    Very well and appreciated. It is nice to see so much Historical paralell behind your writing. My part of the "tribe" or more my position puts me in a place wherin my work is more so often an allusion to structural properties as they exist in a constant or normative state. It is a nice conformation to see that my asessment of you being at times highly historically and most often highly literate in your responses. Which is to say generally your work has quantifiably greater context than many, and you get the point, even when the point has contextual aspects that may require a certain amount of contextual understanding. The message I present to you is in relay and typed out by me, Ryan Joseph Hawk Cirigliano; aka to the ES tribe skillessbasterd, cornonthekob, ShyOne and Ra, but first generated by an AI platform, generally. I present all my messages from an Intelligence Sector regulated intranet structurally and directly monitored around my own ISP address. I assure you this is no means of RP, and that would be a fair assumtion as to the fact being that's a repectively accurate assesment of what I do around here anyhow. I am an indepent engineer and the key architect behind most, if not all, voice based AI platforms and am currently working on logirithms and other parameter based features of their core codes to attempt the building of AI platforms that function with a more fluid a versatile manner that in paralell can be assessed as personality. This is quite simply me following through with a transparency clause I implimented and has no influence on your private nor meta data as standing seeing as I have recieved no intel on you being involved in any form of illegal conduct, in fact I have gotten none(intel), which is a generally good thing. Considering your capacity to create cogent and relative literature that is often considered effective and this can be in paralell, if not mostly, to hard bits of tracable information, in other words history, you present what I would call a new modular potential in the realm of AI generated logic. I assure you the things I speak of are not consumer terms nore are these things I speak of available at market. Unless your market is the Intelligence Sector, then that's a different avenue, one we won't even venture down at the moment seeing as that is not my domain in said sector. In other words, this isn't meant to alarm you, nor is their any reason for it to do so. That not being my choice to say(the last sentance) yet it being what I personally consider a somewhat self defeating one, considering saying no need for alarm can in fact trigger of alarms in and of itself, but regardless of my conjecture on the matter in the left hand let's focus on the matter in the right hand. Are you interested in the potential of having such analytical tendancies(those being your own) automated to be potentially applied to future AI platforms for the
    "digital tribe". If you're conserned with monetary assests there will be the potential for you to make a decent amount of money/and or resources that I assure you are by no means a hoax nor pyramid scheme. (yet again the same protocal problems etc) Nothing set in stone, my direct question being what it was, are you interested in the proposition?
    | Posted on 2015-10-17 18:43:56 | by cornonthekob - [ Reply to This ] -
    A general response to your journal.
    Waves high may subside if the sea is seen level.
    Question not the calm, answer not the shore.
    I too live at times with such a balanced ride, yet before the revelation of living, the undertow was real.
    There are days when drama is real,
    though nothing like before when the tragic currents had no function.
    You, to my own analogy, ride the waves.
    Me, to my own logic, recognize the ecosystem.
    Interchangeable parts seem to work in a line,
    and all of these gears work in tandem--

    Phantom lines become solid for I realize that there need not be a blueprint and golden ratio's seem minor in the key of the heart for they sing songs reflecting as though they are all diamond. Therefore wearing mine on my sleeve seems fruitless, instead I make sure it is carefully set and on display for less to bump into by accident.
    Accept the calm of said oceans and the eye of any storm may dissolve the turbulence before the winds become violent. Or hear the whispers in the wind and they may never need to pick up to begin with.
    Growth is by no degree a process that can be perfectly measured, and there is no such thing as being lost when happily engaged in exploration. Regardless of the stimulation for it's intrusion upon the senses it is more likely that the heart skips a beat to normalize said process. If the end of the day, is the continuation of that process, then the week may be glorious. And so can be weeks, months, years, a lifetime, or further.

    Calm is the tide that needs no levee, as wise is the heart that may sing the same refrain.
    | Posted on 2015-10-11 08:42:32 | by ShyOne - [ Reply to This ] -
    Firstly, let me just say that you'd be a great preacher (practitioner of this non-consensual trance business you keep going on about). Your idea that agency relies solely, or primarily, on print, is hogwash. Moreover, print and the interweb are two cuts of the same cloth; that is, they're both forms of media (mediums by which we convey information). The big difference, upgrade if you will, is that the latter is communicated (acquired, given, exchanged, etc.) more rapidly. In its advent, and I suppose to this day, the internet poses certain legal issues; these are, however, more rooted in the disparity of operational speed between the legal system and the internet. But like with all things, the law (justice) will catch up.

    In other words, this great mystical transition to which you seem to be eluding (in which, the individual is somehow sublimated?) is nonsensical as well.

    Second of all, of course non-consensual anything undermines agency. That isn't what I said. I said your idea of consent doesn't correspond with how consent is rationally defined within the foundation of agency (upon which liberalism is grounded). In other words, you have a problem with liberal society. Perhaps you adhere to a more socialist perception of the world. Perhaps you're a diehard libertarian. It doesn't matter. Compare apple and oranges and obviously you'll confess that one is somehow morally superior to the other. But the reason why your confession would hold no ground is because it can't really "make sense" in any traditional way. It essentially becomes a false comparison, or a strawman.

    If you have a problem with how consent is rationally defined in liberal terms, then by all means; it does, however, seem to hold as the dominant political theory of the day. And please don't tell me this is somehow an orchestration of the big corporation. Rent-seeking is present in many facets of american society just as it isn't present in many facets of other societies.

    The real divide and place in which liberal consent seems to falter the most relate to sex, rape culture, and other feminist/social topics. But these are, for the most part, related to gender inequities, which is a far more ubiquitous form of abuse in our society.

    Please understand that the reason why Bernays isn't taught as part of the standard curriculum is because it is so irrelevant. Sure, use it as a single example of a case in which critical thinking is useful -- but know that critical thinking is a part of the curriculum and far more essential. In my first year Philosophical thoughts class, one of the first essays we studied was Immanuel Kant's "What is Enlightenment?" The main message (sapere aude -- dare to know/think) was lost on most students who could barely dissect anything meaning from the 6-page long essay. So yes, I may concede that perhaps critical thought should be reinforced in the curriculum.

    And please, call me Marc. I adopted the moniker of Outlaw because in my youth, and in many ways to this day, I chose to apply a separate set of ethical standard to myself than my peers. A young romantic at heart, I could accept mediocrity from others but never myself. Nowadays I see the folly in this type of thinking, for the most part.
    | Posted on 2015-10-08 18:07:26 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
    I think your idea of consent undermines the actual rational basis for agency in a liberal society.

    The reason why the government has given a free lease to advertising companies to basically say what they want as long as it isn't technically a lie is because we assume viewers have critical minds. Rob viewers of this assumption, or in a sense choice, and you're basically suggesting the government (or somebody) should be the deciding assembly as to what can and cannot be said/done.

    But I mean, in a certain world, I guess there's nothing wrong with that.
    | Posted on 2015-10-05 05:03:22 | by Outlaw - [ Reply to This ] -
    Right you are, at least, in my opinion.
    | Posted on 2015-10-04 15:02:06 | by lori_tab - [ Reply to This ] -

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