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Name: Charles Mitchell
ASL: 43/Male/Alaska
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Days Away: 6007
Life Story: Military
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There is always a silver lining no matter how tarnished.

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The Song of my Life

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Thanks for the thought on "echoes...". You are right about parents influence. It is so important; it is just short of everything; it is so hard to overcome the wrong kind of influence. While that wasnt the point a set out to write (a didnt have any point to be precice) it is implied there, and is certianly worth taking to heart. Thanks for bring that out.

I disagree with you saying one chime could do the damage I speak of. It most certainly could, both literally and figurativly. For the literal, have you ever seen "humback of noterdame?" Do you remember the bell he rings. It was massive and caused a hearin loss for the humpback. So it is certainly plausible, and we can certainly think of larger bells. For the figurative, well that is easy, Im sure you could think of a million incedences that could cause the required damage. If you cant, well, I can, and I wont ruin your inocence by educating you.

Well, I am rambling. Thanks you for the worthy comment. I doesnt fall on deaf ears.
| Posted on 2006-08-11 00:00:00 | by leftof_red - [ Reply to This ] -

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