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Name: Ava Wilson
ASL: Female / 21 / PA
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Life Story: Ethical Relativist
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"The writer is the engineer of the human soul." - STALIN // "What is poetry which does not save nations or people?" - MILOSZ

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Mood: The Usual
Seriously? The worst you could do was delete my work? That's okay, I have it backed up in thirty thousand other places. Anyway, be a better hacker next time. Also, I'm glad to see that (whoever it was that did it) you're too much of a sissy to say who you are. Good luck with your other hacks. I'm not a good target to get upset, sorry.

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I think it kinda sux your not around here anymore.You are highly respected and it's bogus a writer of your reputation here has nothing I can read.All because of some ignorance.Peace and Inspiration
| Posted on 2010-08-26 07:08:47 | by Rex Gold - [ Reply to This ] -
I would like to thank you for your words, for they have inspired me.
Yes, I realize you posted comments on my profile over six months ago. I read them at that time, and started to digest them. I logged in again later, and digested them some more. Now, half a year later, I log in, read it again, and decide I can at least be civil and reply.
Have I found my purpose in life, or at least in serving my cause? But do I still believe in it, and am I still fighting for it? Hell yes!
Thank you for your encouragement and your smart words. You've showed me that even with the world at my throat, there are still ways to fight. And until I die, I'll still be fighting the man just as much as I always have been. Actually, scratch that. Now, I'll be fighting for my beliefs even harder.
Perhaps someday we'll talk again and discuss our beliefs, views, etc. But until then, thanks again, and keep fighting for your own views.
| Posted on 2009-06-17 23:26:48 | by Keaton Volkov - [ Reply to This ] -
<3 BABEY??? YES???
| Posted on 2009-05-27 21:40:58 | by JenFlynn - [ Reply to This ] -
hey there please read wat ive written so far on a story. id really like to have ur critique
| Posted on 2009-03-09 05:18:48 | by Tmckenzie89 - [ Reply to This ] -
Buy-in-large, you know I am right about that. There are enough people in the world that of course there are exceptions to every norm. Lots of sick and twisted people out there.

Besides, if you want to argue norms, then you can't argue that most people on your side say that they don't want abortions used as birth control while the vast majority of abortions are precisely that.
| Posted on 2009-02-08 00:07:23 | by nicodemous - [ Reply to This ] -
i think words have their own worth on a purely aesthetic level, which is why i can't begrudge the occasional thoughtless poem, if it's well-written. poets that build their entire cache of writing on thoughtlessness though... that's ridiculous, in my opinion.

and i agree with the interpretiveness of poetry. but if you want someone to understand that it's about lucifer, you've got to tell them. i read saint misery, and if i hadn't read the description, i wouldn't have gotten that. even they call me the Devil isn't very explicit... i mean, it's as laid-out as you get, i suppose, but who guesses the obvious?

i like that poetry can have layers. i like it best when the layers work together.

i've failed so far at creating that though
| Posted on 2009-02-02 19:57:19 | by etheror - [ Reply to This ] -

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