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Name: David G
ASL: Does it matter?
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Life as is...

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Wow. Life.

Mood: Ready to love only one forever...
Well I never thought it could be like this! I always believed in true love, but I don't think I've ever seen it first hand. At least until now... This girl has taken my whole life to a new level. I am absolutely, madly, and deeply in love with her! I am happily engaged to the woman of my dreams! I don't care how corny it sounds, there is just no other way to describe her. She is the sweetest, most loving, caring, beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, sincere, and absolutely wonderful person I have ever met. Somehow, I managed to make her mine! The date is set for September 20th of 2008. I will marry the woman you all know as "Jackz" and love her for all eternity! Sorry guys, she's permanently off the market! Please say a prayer for us that we may live a long and happy life together and never lose this love that we share for each other. I believe that love and marriage still have a place in this world, and I hope and pray that we never become another statistic. I just can not imagine having found love like this and losing it. I can not imagine my life without her and I never want to experience it, so please keep us in your prayers and help keep the vow of lifelong love alive. Thank you so much!

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Thank you for your comments for "I'll Hold Your Love".. It is a really special piece to me, especially since when it comes to song writing I'm not usually able to finish a song.. I appreciate your praise and would love further comments of future work..
| Posted on 2007-05-22 08:51:13 | by Maskannai - [ Reply to This ] -
i love your journal :) you are always able to put a smile on my face and i could not go without you in my life just as you would not be able to last very long without me. and this is why we are spending the rest of our lives together, forever in bliss!. Granted there will be the bad times, a few ups and downs, but nothing that true love cannot over come!

| Posted on 2007-05-14 09:52:18 | by jackz - [ Reply to This ] -
Absolutely Dave, you're a great writer. I only hope that the words I use help you in the same way comments given to me have assisted me (in confidence or writing/spelling/grammar tips). By the way, thanks for putting my featured piece on your favorites list. It's a W.I.P. and I'm fairly sure It'll never be complete, (seeing as how I change almost on a daily basis :) ). Nonetheless, thanks for the gesture.

| Posted on 2007-04-12 21:49:29 | by SlanderousLust - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi Dave

Thanks for the favorite and the comment on Fades, keep well.

Kind regards
| Posted on 2007-03-12 04:54:58 | by bornx2000 - [ Reply to This ] -
Oh my gosh you just blew me away thankyou so much for the surprise.It was an excellent comment and yes some of the words need to be changed.Some of the words are kind of cheeisy?didnt spell that right my eyes and brain are shuting down.I've been reading alot of poetry tonight some i commented on and some i just didn't know what to say so i left their page.thanks again i will come back online tomorrow night and read more of your songs take care and thankyou again you really did surprise me
| Posted on 2007-03-07 01:57:20 | by deluka - [ Reply to This ] -

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