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Name: Grace (blah)
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Mood: Overwhelmed
The scent of a woman was not mine...
Welcome home, darling.
Did you miss me?
Wish to dwell in dear love?
Touch my milklike skin.
Feel the ocean.
Lick my deepest.
Hear the starry choir.
Rip off this lace,
that keeps me imprisoned
But beware the enchantment,
for my eroticism is your oblivion.
Old love lies deep, you said.
Deeper shall be the wound between your legs.

...Created 2007-09-03 23:56:46     [ View Past Journals ]

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yo, hit up the forum, sweetness!
| Posted on 2007-12-01 12:59:14 | by dismentled - [ Reply to This ] -
OHHH< I miss you too; hope you had a good holiday
| Posted on 2007-12-01 11:02:06 | by dismentled - [ Reply to This ] -
thats f'N sucks!!!
I really hate it for stevie and ashley and all the above.....
Tell them i send my prayers.
Thats weird i start my G.E.D classes in january too. lol. thats funny.
Sorry i didnt know you called.
WE had a football game and them saturday i went back to carthage for a band carnival.
The football game was in morton. omg. you want to see some crack heads go to a morton football game.
Ive never heard an announcer @ a football game announce to not sell or "buy" illegal or nonillegal drugs and alcohol at a football game. it was F'ed up.
It was funny though.
The morton cops had to escort us in and out of the city limits i guess to make sure no one got shot. lol
I was laughing the whole way in and out.
It was fN hillarious.
Their little band threatened to kick out A** i was like hahahahahahahahahha whatever. they were screaming at us and we were screaming back .
it was the weirdest thing and funniest thing i have ever expeirienced.
Well i hope things are going well for you.
I told yo A** to stay out of trouble.
Cops arresting you. i dont even want to know what yo dad said....
Try to stay out of trouble
you have your whole life ahead of you
you might not think things are going well now
but you are the only one who can make you future.
Fu** Fate. Fate is not everything you can do anything you want nothing can hold you back from anything you want to do.
i hope the best for you. i want you to be okay and this lil voices in my head tell me you will be.
I have faith in you.
I know we dont talk and i really hope you understand why but you know im here for you. if i can do anything you know i will try like hell to help you if i can.
well chick i got to go.

btw: i made honor roll in school
| Posted on 2007-10-22 18:21:07 | by DrkRomeo_sGirl - [ Reply to This ] -
what it is?
Girl ive been so fareakeing busy .............. wat a shock!!!!
i know....
But any wayz i was suppose to go
to my dads this weekend
couldnt because i had no way.
Today is DJ'S birthday!
YEAH he's finaaly 18.
and he can buy ciggs
hell yeah
black and milds for you and me soon
oh my bad anyways.
im so bored right now..................
I would call but i cant because we lost signal on the cellular phones and its long distance on the house phone.
well i kind of had a nervous breakdown
last week, they think i need therapy, and i waas like no ...... the hell.... i dont
im not ketting any crack head doc try to analyze me, i could go in there ok and come out with even more phycological probs.
you know how them movies always turn out.
DOnt think so.
welll guess what....
i talked my dad into letting me go and get my G.E.D.
ausonme ....
i cant wait to start......
well chic once i get all of this [censored] staight well hang. i know tings havent been the same lately and they prolly wont ever be exactly the same, but i want you to know i am sure how long it will take you know i have always been messes up it da head. but ya know if ya ever need me to juss call.
You know the #.
but plz not unless its a huge emergency dont call after 9. DJ has to work and he'll get a lil cranky.
Anyways im gonna let you go so i can spend so time wif him. Petsmart has him working like a fucing dog.
how ironic.


Party like a ........... like a ...... like a......

just f'in pary.
| Posted on 2007-10-14 17:04:15 | by DrkRomeo_sGirl - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey im sorry i havent come and seen you. its not that i dont want to be around you. i promise. you know how things go [censored]ty for me sometimes. i didnt come last weekend bc i was sick and this weekend is because as soon as i got there i [censored] left because of my mother. you know how she is. Yeah i could come see you if i put in a majot effort, but im so damn tired lately with all the [censored] that is goin on in my life. IM JUSS SO DAMN TIRED. I know i've been a terrible friend lately, you dont even have to say it. Ill get my [censored] straight and as soon as i do , we'll hang out.

love always,
| Posted on 2007-09-09 10:07:29 | by DrkRomeo_sGirl - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey chickadee , i see the rent let you on the computer. dude i had the first day of school today. it fareaking Suked. It was boring as hell. i was like omg. the little freshmen was like trying to be my little ominions, and following me around and [censored]. I would hate it , if it wasnt so damn cool. lol. RESPECT MY AUTHORITY> it was weird because they liked kind of worshiped me. im so sorry for not coming to see you. i feel bad.

SO whats up with me like being an onion.
DID I make you CRY???
Me sorry/......
lol ..... just kidding...

your right about that
i see to have layeers to me..... myself..... and CHerel. lol...
Cherel is my other...... you know/...... lol

im such a damn goof.
well chickadee
thanks for commenting on my poem

i know it wasnt all that great ...
but boo-hoo

"IM CRYING ABOUT MY BODY" - ------- Hot chick

I gosta to go< I will keep in contant some how.

dont worry your dreams will come true.

tell beth i said , " Hahaha fatty" and I hope the delivery goes smooth.

Tell you mom i said. " Whazza up"

Tell your dad i said, "Parmasean" - (the cheese that you couldnt pronounce.)

Tell mathew i said , " keep bugging the [censored] out of you"

well thats all for now.

| Posted on 2007-08-08 19:37:54 | by DrkRomeo_sGirl - [ Reply to This ] -

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