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Name: Eva S
ASL: 16,Female, U.S.
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Love is telling someone the truth and giving them what they need even if they will hate you for it. It is'nt giving them what they want. And it is never easy.

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Not Back...

Mood: Thinking...
...But Back...

Yeah... well... I'm NOT back... and I don't think I will be... I don't knwo if any of you would ever guess this - but I am a Christian and I'm striving to be closer to God... and it isn't always easy... I seriously fell away and walked through a very dark place. Nothing should come between me and my Savior... He saved my life more than once...

Okay, so I probably sound crazy... This was going to be my "livejournal" entry whenever I was allowed to update it again, but seeing as I probably won't be for some time, I needed somewhere to put it...

I've changed a lot and grown up over the year or two that I have been gone... and most of it's good change... I don't think there is much bad i it... I'm learning that I don't know as much as I thought... It's interesting to say the least.... but in the end, realizing I don't know all I thought I did and learning it, as well as taking an active interest in it is going to help me...

I have to say that school could go a lot better for me... I'm having a hard time in Chem... and I would like to not be stuck hanging around with the people I am... but the way my school works, there is no way out... But... I'm making the best of it and I'm going to grow where I'm planted, just as I should.

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Hey we have a new person joining us in the rp, hope thats ok. He is going as one of Sairio's 'puppets'
| Posted on 2008-10-10 00:35:45 | by Killi - [ Reply to This ] -
hey great to hear from you ^_^
| Posted on 2008-10-02 23:42:49 | by Killi - [ Reply to This ] -
I know, but just give it time Eva, everything will work out. I've never given bad advice out to someone I care about a lot, and I wont do it now. Just be patient, and you'll be fine. Just dont give up, alright?
| Posted on 2008-09-29 14:51:29 | by Aion Kiori - [ Reply to This ] -
It's never easy, is it Eva? *smiles softly* I know me being here and tlaking to you...might be bad...but I just wanted to say that Im still here if you ever need anyone to talk to, always. I never went back on those words, and I still wont. Just take your time and get used to things, alright? If you ever need me, Im here.
| Posted on 2008-09-22 09:37:12 | by Aion Kiori - [ Reply to This ] -
I fully expect to talk to you sometime, I miss yah, (this is Godofgaming)
| Posted on 2008-09-18 18:50:55 | by Passionbyapathy - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey!! I don't know if you remember me at all, but we have two rp's going, like forever ago!
One Single Wish, and Magic and battle
I was thinking of re-making them as a oneXone and was wondering if you would like to join me
| Posted on 2008-07-27 00:19:10 | by Killi - [ Reply to This ] -

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