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Name: Nicki Boris
ASL: 17 Female New Jersey
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Days Away: 5874
Life Story: hippie metal head
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A Monarch Heart

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Ama Rex

Mood: My mood is custom to worship Travis
Travis you are dead sexy that is and it makes me so alive *your wife is a corny kitten >.<* I love you so much and even though we can't fully erase our pages it's okay cause as long as it has to be here I want it to say how much I love you. I love you Travis Rickett with all my heart and all my soul and like you read to me in Matthew, what God has joined together nothing on earth can seperate, you my husband are my heaven which nothing can pull me away from, I am fully dedicated to you my soulmate... I pledge my body to you for you to hold and love, my heart to you, my soul to you for you to keep.... Travis all you do for me I promise to give back to you one hundred and eleven fold...

...Travis, I live to see you smile, I breathe for you, Travis I do everything to be with you, to be your wife my everything and to soon be the mother of your beautiful children... I love you like no woman has ever loved a man... Travis you name it and I would do it for you... Travis God forbid that I could never meet you I would still smile brightly at the fact that we know what real honestly love is, the fact we can love so completely so honestly and I have never even yet known the pleasures of feeling your heart beat or feeling your chest move as I rest my head on you... Travis the way you make me feel Travis is beyond what this earth knows, Travis the way we love eachother, if we were to never meet I would smile and laugh everyday still with you, I would still be holding you and telling you I love you.... looking deep into your beautiful light eyes and knowing you are all I need.... that's soulmates my Travis, when even though you aren't together physically you still awake with them every morning and fall asleep next to them every night... Travis I dunno if what I said made sense I know you know what my soul wanted to tell you.... Travis I want to say that I am so amazingly happy with you, you make me so complete that when we do get to touch it is going to be the cherry on top, *tears up* your soul is such an amazing gift and to have your body as a beautiful shell to hold it in makes me speechless.... Travis, I love you, this woman loves you with everything she has.

Travis Thomas John Rickett you make me feel so loved and my angel you said it best when you said...

"She is the one that i love most, the one that lets me know i'm real, And when i finally get to meet her, I'll cook her every meal"

I love you

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Ewww giant pieces of poop came and comment on your poem... gross... poop

I love you My Nicki... mine >.<
| Posted on 2006-12-29 00:00:00 | by Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha - [ Reply to This ] -
mmmm i'll tie you up and [censor] you... i'll [censor] you all night long... with my [censor] so deep in your [censor] mmm then i'll [censor] so deep inside you that it drips out of your [censor] for a week >.< I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
| Posted on 2006-12-01 00:00:00 | by Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha - [ Reply to This ] -
I love you *can't ever tell you that enough*
| Posted on 2006-08-22 00:00:00 | by Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha - [ Reply to This ] -

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