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Kill me now.

Mood: Sick
I have thought every thought that I can think upon the things that torture me... and I cannot think of any ways to end the horror. I've spent eleven years... drenched in sorrow. My mind and my heart betray me. I've said all that I can say to as many as I could say it to. And, I am tired. I am worn to skeletal deprivation. I am dead of spirit. I cannot trek on in this world with a heart still in tact. I hope that I am the dying phoenix and that I will regain life somewhere. I pray that the next life be kinder than this to me and to all of the senses that have taken in the pain of others. I hope that I am born in a place where there are no screams over the coffins of children, no lunacy cried out in the night, no anger born to kill, no rapists in the wait, and no screams of physical of physical pain.

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Comment on your journal entry - you obviously have too much passion and compassion to be a sincerely suicidal person! What about try living in the country or by the sea? You can spot predators farther off ... no really: when sitting in a tub of worms, only a dumb person will stay there, since the rest of the world offers much easier delights or challenges. Yeah, I will kill you now: get off your high horse, start modestly walking, and don't look back even when they scream what used to be your name.

| Posted on 2010-08-10 20:36:59 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for comment on my "Press photo" sonnet.

Yes, it isn't very good for a sonnet, even if it's interesting ... sonnets are like jewellery: how on earth can you make a real piece even close to the beautiful IDEA of it??

This kind of poetry is sure harder to do than just enthusing about the mood one is in.
| Posted on 2010-08-10 20:21:50 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
It's not that I have a hatred for humanity. It's just that I have disdain for the way the world is changing. People use to respect and care about people more than they do now. What happened to helping your neighbor? It just seems that people have traded their passion and care for their fellow people for greed and power.
| Posted on 2010-08-05 13:29:15 | by Draigon - [ Reply to This ] -
Thansk for the comments
| Posted on 2009-01-06 20:49:28 | by Katlord - [ Reply to This ] -
Sorry...No Shadow in April was edited from an e-mail I wrote to my daughters teacher at about 2 a.m. the morning after I had to sign my daughter over to the hands of a very vile environment. Meds, therapy, etc...proved fruitless. This write became the culmination of more emotion than a mother and child should have to endure. Between the red tape, the lack of compassion on behalf of the "doctors," the enormous amount of time spent waiting, and then finally becoming submissive to admitting her in a hospital environment that I wouldn't willfully leave someone I didn't like...this was a write that needed to be let loose from my head. Thanks for your comment. ~K~
| Posted on 2009-01-06 16:14:49 | by KimmyMim - [ Reply to This ] -
Enough! No more back and forth. There is only one thing I wish to clear up and that is my reference to marriage advice from a 19 year old. It was definitely NOT a reference to your intellect, but rather your experience level. If you are married, you couldn't have been married very long and that made it seem strange to be getting advice from you.

But, as I said, enough. No more back and forth. I don't want to argue with you. Critique away! I may or may not agree with you, as is my prerogative. I'm sure you agree with that, from everything you said to me so far, anyway, that's what I would expect. Don't be mean, but don't spare the horses, either!

| Posted on 2009-01-04 21:33:22 | by mae - [ Reply to This ] -

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